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Congratulations to Dayna and Brandt who were engaged with a white diamond #Hazeline over a year ago after celebrating their 1️⃣0️⃣ year anniversary. Their story, start to finish, in the bride's words below...
"We met through a mutual friend who told me about a wakeskate trip to Florida that he was going on with some friends. The very first time Brandt and I met was at the shop when he came in to buy some shoes. Chris introduced us, and it was a pretty normal hello, nice to m...eet you, and that was about it. ��A week or so later we all headed down to Florida! We joke a lot that Brandt fell hard in love for me during this trip. One night we were all out for dinner; Brandt and I were shooting some pool. We were standing next to each other and I playfully gave him a little hip check. Well, his foot got caught up on a floor mat and he went down hard. ��Initially there was no sign of sparks or romance right away (that we knew of), but after we all returned from the trip I asked for Brandt’s number and we started talking and later dating. ��

In 2018 we decided to take a big trip to Italy. Brandt and I had had discussions about getting married one day, but we really hadn’t ever talked about when it would happen or the details. Little did I know, while I was planning an epic trip to Italy for the two of us, he was conspiring with my best friend who knew how much I loved Anna Sheffield rings. ;)
We were on a vespa tour of Tuscani in the Chianti region. We toured the wine cellars, tasted the local wines and olive oils and were taken to the top of the castle. �Our tour guide asked the tour group if anyone wanted a photo so we said yes. I handed the guide my camera, and meanwhile, Brandt appeared to be getting something from his bag. I remembered saying “come on he’s ready to take the picture, what are you doing?”, then Brandt turned around, got on one knee, and before he could say anything, I responded with “what the f*ck!” ��He asked me to marry him to which I said yes!
Congratulations to Dayna and Brandt who were engaged with a white diamond #Haze
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