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08-01-2018 12:32 am
12pcs Faux Raccoon Fur Fluffy Pom Pom Ball for Hat Shoes Scarves Bag Charms Colorful
Package comes with totally 12 pieces assorted color faux reccoon pompom balls, great for diy your knitting hat.
These pom pom balls are made of high quality imitated reccoon fur that are extremely fluffy and soft. ****NOTE: This is faux reccoon fur, not real reccoon fur.
Each fluffy ball measures 3.9 inch/10 cm in diameter, large enough to sew on your crochet hat.
There is a tiny elastic loop on the ball, make it easy to attach on your hat's top. You can use them to replacement the faulty pom pom, diy your knitting hat, or hook on your bag with keychain.
6 colors pompom balls, 2 pieces for each color, totally 12 pieces.
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