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24-11-2017 02:32 am
14k Yellow Gold Disc Initial "C" Pendant Necklace, 18"
14k yellow gold necklace featuring initial disk "C" pendant
18"Cable chain with spring-ring clasp
Initial letter "C"
Duragold is a 14k gold jewelry collection that marries quality, design and superior craftsmanship
Karat gold jewelry is not filled, dipped, or plated and does not react with other elements.
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Shengruhua 250ML Wood Grain Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Desktop Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier Atomizer Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier Home Office Home Bedroom Living Room Baby Study Yoga SPA
Built-in atmosphere lamp, comfortable colorful light, natural feeling.The product is powered by 24V 500mA adapter.Please rotate the upper cover of the product before removing the upper cover.The DC plug of the adapter is then inserted into the main DC socket through the cable slot.
When adding water to the water tank, do not exceed the maximum water level of 250mL, and do not add water when using the product.When the water tank is full of water, the essential oil can be dripped vertically.It is recommended to add 0.1ml to 0.15ml essential oil (about 2~3 drops) per 100mL of water, and the essential oil should not exceed 0.3ml.
The product can add essential oil by itself to play the role of aromatherapy. Apply the ultrasonic vibration principle to form fog, effectively increasing the humidity in the air.Keep the upper cover of the fog mouth and the button vertically down, and then clamp. Plug the adapter into a household power outlet.(the random adapter has been certified)
Key: press the button for the first time, and the colorful light will be automatically cycled;Press down the second time to fix the current color;Press the button for the third time to turn off the light function.The light function can be switched on and off separately when not atomizing.
When the product is short of water, it will be turned off automatically. The light function will also be turned off automatically.If not used for a long time, pour out all the water and keep it dry. When the power is switched on, the initial state is closed.The humidifier cannot be used without water. Cleaning method: wipe the mist orifice gently with a cotton swab dipped in water, and do not clean it with corrosive liquid;Please wipe the water container with clean cotton cloth carefully.
Shengruhua 250ML Wood Grain Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Desktop Aroma Ultr
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