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14-10-2017 04:31 pm
18-Inch Hamilton Gold Plated Necklace w/ 6mm Light Purple February Birth Month Stone Beads and Saint Christopher/Tennis Charm
18-Inch Hamilton Gold Plated Necklace with 6mm Light Amethyst Birthstone Beads and Saint Christopher/Tennis Charm.
Light Purple represents Amethyst, the Birthstone for June.
Hand-Made in Rhode Island
Lifetime guarantee against tarnish and damage
Hamilton gold is a special alloy designed to have a rich and deep gold color.
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Men's Large Saint Christopher Round Cut Out Medal and Necklace Solid 925 Sterling Silver - 24 Inch 925 Sterling Silver Chain - 32.50 Mm (1.27 Inch)
SOLID 925 STERLING SILVER - You're going to absolutely LOVE our premium quality, advanced casting, Saint Christopher sterling silver necklace! The look and feel of this 925 sterling silver precious metal piece will be sure to please.
QUALITY CRAFTED (ADVANCED CASTING) - Ever buy a cheap medal to find out it was made from inexpensive pewter and have it fall apart in a short time? Don't waste time with cheap imitations. This necklace is cast from the finest, best quality 925 sterling silver available using the most advanced casting techniques.
GUARANTEED TO BE ENJOYED FOR MANY YEARS - AS the Brand Owner and only Authorized Seller of All Patron Saints Fine Jewelry we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. This is not like St. Christopher medals that appear shiny and quickly fade. Our necklaces come with a matching 925 sterling silver chain unlike cheaper necklaces that come with stainless steel chains. This unique St. Christopher Medal is elegantly antiqued and sealed for the WOW EFFECT!
BEST VALUE (QUALITY + PRICE) ON AMAZON! - You can buy a cheap St. Christopher medal but you will find the craftsmanship to be cookie cutter, fades quickly, or even worse pewter that will fall apart. We've got quality at a great price. You can't beat this! Made from the highest quality 925 precious metal and casted uniquely for you + has a GUARANTEED NO QUESTIONS ASKED satisfaction policy. What are you waiting for?
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