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22-03-2018 09:31 am
2018 Donruss Baseball EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Retail Box with SPECIAL HOLO BLUE & CRYSTAL PARALLELS! Look for Autographs of SHOEHEI OHTANI, Aaron Judge,Derek Jeter & More! WOWZZER!
2018 Donruss Baseball EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Retail Box with 8 Packs!
Includes EIGHT(8) EXCLUSIVE HOLO BLUE & CRYSTAL PARALLELS that can ONLY Be Found in this Box!
On Average Find 15 Diamond Kings, Othe Reto, Variation or Rated Rookies in this Box!
Look for Multiple Different Shohei Ohtani Rooke Autographs, Rookie Cards, Memorabilia & Parallels!
Look for Autographs of Aaron Judge, Cal Ripken, Cody Bellinger, Derek Jeter, George Brett & Many More!
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2018 Diamond Kings Baseball Factory Sealed Blaster Box of Packs including EXCLUSIVE Mickey Mantle Collection Cards and Artist Proof Red or Blue Frames
This is a BRAND NEW 2018 Panini DIAMOND KINGS Baseball Series Factory Sealed Unopened Blaster Box with 6 Packs of 5 Cards Plus One Pack with 3 Retail EXCLUSIVE cards including Mickey Mantle Collection and Artist Proof Red or Blue frames.
This years product features more variations than ever before in sets like black-and-white, name, photo and sepia! Try for memorabilia of the all-time greats in Diamond Kings Materials, Jersey Kings, Bat Kings, Studio Portraits Materials, and Diamond Deco.
Try for Autographs of the 2018 rookie class in Diamond Kings Rookie Signatures plus fan-favorite players from today and yesterday in the Retro 1982 Diamond Kings Materials Signatures. Look for a mix of retired, legend and veteran players in the base set in Retail EXCLUSIVE Artist Proof Red and Blue Frame parallels, in addition to the base versions.
ROYALTY; it's impossible to mention baseball royalty and not have Babe Ruth in the conversation. This 1-card set is a tribute to one of the greatest sluggers of all time. Mickey Mantle Collection: One of the first true, five-tool players to grace the game, the Retail EXCLUSIVE Mickey Mantle Collection highlights the career of one of the best to ever step on the field. This product is loaded with great possibilities, what will you find in your blaster box??
Please Note: As described this is a brand new, factory sealed box in original Panini packaging. Sports Collectible Trading Cards have to be listed as Collectible Like New on Amazon, many buyers ask us about this detail so we wanted to clarify it for you.
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