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2.7 Cu ft. Compact Design Refrigerator with Ice Cube Tray and Two Full-Width Wire Shelves, Black
Retail box will show signs of light to moderate damage. Damaged boxed items will arrive structurally intact unused in new condition with a 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
It includes a full-width freezer compartment with ice cube tray and 2 full-width wire shelves
The door accommodates 2 L bottles, beverage and can storage along with a full-width shelf
This black compact refrigerator is ideal for dorm rooms, offices, game rooms or home entertainment areas
It is designed with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to customize the interior temperature
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Kegco K309SS-1 Full Size Digital Kegerator - Stainless Steel
INCLUDES COMPLETE KEG TAPPING KIT: This beer keg dispenser comes complete with all of the necessary equipment to pour a cold, tasty glass of draft beer. The single faucet dispense system includes a brand new 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank, a single gauge CO2 regulator, a D system lever handle keg coupler that can tap all domestic kegs, and a 3" diameter chrome plated metal draft tower. The CO2 cylinder ships empty and will need to be filled locally.
LARGE INTERIOR: The interior of this keg beer cooler is spacious enough to easily hold any full size keg, including Miller kegs, Coors kegs, and rubber kegs. It can also hold up to two 5 gallon D system kegs or up to three 5 gallon Cornelius ball lock home brew kegs. When you're not using it as a kegerator, this unit easily converts into an all refrigerator for extra refrigerated storage for food and other beverages. It comes with two adjustable storage shelves.
SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: This beautiful freestanding keg beer dispenser features a black cabinet with sleek stainless steel door. It includes convenient features like an easy-to-clean removable built-in drip tray, a chrome guard rail that prevents glasses and mugs from sliding off of the top, and easy rolling casters that allow you to easily move the kegerator from place to place. The casters lock once the unit is in position, so it won't roll away again until you want it to.
DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Thanks to its digital temperature display with push button controls, this beer refrigerator makes it easy to set and verify the internal temperature. Simply press the up or down button to precisely adjust the temperature by one degree. A deep chill function can be activated to quickly cool down a warm keg by forcing the compressor to work continuously for 24 hours. Fan forced cooling gives this unit one of the coldest temperature ranges on the market.
LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: This UL listed kegerator features
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New England Patriots Home Jersey NFL Action Figure Set
WHAT IS IT? This is a set of eleven officially licensed New England Patriots NFL miniature action figures in their home dark uniforms. Each figure averages about an inch in height. They are made of strong plastic and are hand painted and detailed with official NFL team colors and logos.
ARE OTHER TEAMS AVAILABLE? Yes, action figure sets for all 32 NFL teams in both their home dark uniforms and away white uniforms are available. 64 collectible figure sets are factory sealed in a clamshell collector package and feature an interior display tray. Collect them all!
WE PUT THE ACTION IN ACTION FIGURES! You can make these mini figures move when used on an NFL Electric Football game board. Just clip on an Electric Football base and you can run plays and coach your team to victory in hands-on football action.
WHAT ELSE ARE THEY USED FOR? Like any action figure, they are fun for open play and for display in kid's rooms, offices, and fan caves. NFL mini figures are also used for cake decoration and at fantasy football events and tailgate parties. Add a little sticky tack and they can decorate your dashboard, computer monitor, and more.
WHAT IS INCLUDED? This NFL miniature action figure set contains eleven (11) one-inch tall players, a sealed clamshell collector pack, and a display tray. Electric Football uniform numbers and Electric Football bases allow them to run on an Electric Football game board and are sold separately.
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Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Single Faucet Keg Dispenser Stainless Steel with Ball Lock Keg
INCLUDES COMPLETE KEG TAPPING KIT WITH KEG: This unit comes complete with a hand assembled direct draw kit that takes the guesswork out of setting up your new kegerator. It includes everything you need to begin dispensing draft beer at home - it even comes with a Cornelius ball lock keg! This set is made up of premium parts like a stainless steel draft beer tower, dual gauge CO2 regulator, and 5 lb. aluminum CO2 tank with glossy red finish at no additional cost - a value of $25!
LARGE INTERIOR: This beer keg refrigerator's spacious interior can accommodate up to three five-gallon home brew kegs, allowing you to tap one keg while keeping two more cool and ready to dispense. Not only can this versatile unit be used as a homebrew beer dispenser, but it also comes with two adjustable shelves that allow you to convert it into an all-refrigerator, providing extra refrigerated storage for food and beverages.
SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: The black cabinet with stainless steel door is a neutral and universally flattering design that makes it easy to incorporate this kegerator into nearly any room of your home. Continued maintenance of your beer cooler is easy thanks to the removable and dishwasher safe plastic drip tray on the top, and four locking casters allow you to move it from place to place for mobile dispensing and convenient cleaning.
POWERFUL AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COOLING TECHNOLOGY: Designed using powerful yet energy efficient technology to provide a superior keg storage environment, this keg cooler features thermostatic temperature control that can be adjusted between 35 degrees Fahrenheit and 42 degrees Fahrenheit to store your beer at its ideal temperature. The adjustable mechanical temperature control can be easily accessed at the back of the unit.
LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: The durable 33" H x 23-11/16" W x 23-15/16" D keg cooler cabinet has a stainless steel plate that lines the
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Choice Fun 360 Degree Rotating Organizer 3-tier Acrylic Rotating Display with Diamond Pattern 18 Compartments Assembly Transparent QFJJSN-SF-1702D
Our holder stands out for its huge capacity and storage space. It makes great for bathroom and bedroom storage, it will add an elegant touch to your room, bathroom, bedroom, living room and retail store.
Its 6-tier of Adjustable Trays allow you to adjust each tray height according to the height of your products by assembling the holder with scaled interlocks and position of the small shelves according to your storage needs. What?s more, there?s a spinning tray at the bottom which enables easy access to all of your makeup and products at 360°.
Each package contains all the parts you need to assemble your lovely holder: 18 compartments top display, 2 rectangular panels for the main structure and 4 small shelves you can stuck right into the panels, its 4-division base ensures that cosmetics stay in place when the organizer is rotated; thick, durable trays are strong enough to bear even heavy personal care products, both the top and base are adorned with fashionable diamond pattern.
The tray at the top has different compartments, ideal for storing all your must-have makeup items big lotions, creams and bathroom tools like shampoo, nail polishes, lipsticks, mascaras, perfumes and even more.
All Choice Fun products are made of high quality acrylic, a type of plexiglass famous for being sturdy and transparent. Our holder is totally waterproof and midew-free, you just need warm water, a piece of cotton cloth and that's it.
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Kegco Homebrew Kegerator Triple Faucet Keg Dispenser Stainless Steel with Three Ball Lock Kegs
INCLUDES COMPLETE KEG TAPPING KIT WITH KEGS: This kegerator comes complete with three home brew kegs and a direct draw kit. We've thought of everything you will need to begin dispensing homebrew beer - you just fill the CO2 tank and provide the beer! This included kit features an upgraded CO2 tank with glossy red coating, a dual gauge regulator, and a triple faucet stainless steel draft beer tower at no additional cost to you, adding $35 worth of value to your order.
LARGE INTERIOR: This keg cooler has a spacious interior that can store and dispense up to three Cornelius ball lock home brew kegs at the same time. When you aren't using it to dispense delicious home-brew, you can easily convert it into an all-refrigerator to give you extra refrigerated storage space. It comes with two adjustable shelves that can be arranged far enough apart to accommodate gallon jugs or 2-liter soda bottles.
SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: Featuring a sleek black cabinet and a stylish stainless steel door that will fit in with any decor, this kegerator has a clean design packed with convenient features that help give you the best home brew dispensing experience possible. Find the perfect location for your kegerator thanks to 4 locking wheels that make moving your unit from place to place as easy as can be. The removable dishwasher-safe flush-mount drip tray collects any spills for easy clean-up.
POWERFUL AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COOLING TECHNOLOGY: A 25% more energy efficient design delivers powerful cooling while saving you money each month on your utility bill. Thermostatic temperature control keeps the internal temperature in the range of 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 42 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to adjust it to dispense your beer at the ideal temperature. The mechanical temperature control can be easily accessed at the back of the unit.
LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: This CSA listed kegerator has been
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