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adidas Tiro 19 Training Pants Men's
Slim fit is cut close to the body
Climacool keeps you cool and dry in warm weather
Move freely
Stretchy fabric on the lower legs helps promote clean footwork
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PREP2GO Paracord Survival Grenade (30pc) Kit with (4) Water Purification Tablets-Husband Dad Boyfriend Girl Teen Prepper Camping Hiking Hunting Gear Gift-Get Fire Food and Shelter When Lost
EXCEPTIONAL! - USA DESIGN (Recently #2 of 18,000,000 Tools). Life throws curve balls. A hurricane tornado flood or vacation accident can quickly put you or a family member in an emergency crisis situation where a fire starter, knife, fishing kit or rope can keep you alive (para tu mochila supervivencia en caso de emergencia). Now the hiker, camper, backwoods hunter or adventurer prepping his 3 day go bag can quickly make fire, food and shelter when disaster strikes or lost in the woods!
BOY SCOUTS LOVE IT! - UNRAVELS QUICKLY. Strong enough to lift two men out of a ditch. Military tough quality craftsmanship. Kit passes two 10-point inspections or is rejected. TOUGH: This perfect dad gadget gift is durable enough for everyday carry...ULTRALIGHT: Clips to belt loop, backpack or go bag. COMPACT & PORTABLE for camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking: Fits in pocket, purse, car glove box or pop in your atv, truck, jeep, camper, boat.To be safe get one for each person in family.
CRITICAL! - THIS SMALL CLEVER BEAST WILL NOT FAIL WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST! Other multi tools rip you off with cheap cord-they say 550 but use 350 lbs or less. Our handcrafted kit uses PREMIUM 550+ pound rated military grade type III paracord (7-triple 3-ply twisted strands or 21 total yarns) It's independently SGS LAB TESTED - documented @ 552 lbs. Coupled with strong snap carabeaner clip you're getting the toughest and most versatile survival (supervivencia) kit of its kind.
EXCITING! - (30-in-1) MORE TOOLS THAN ANY OTHER BRANDS MEANS YOU BETTER PREPARED WHEN DISASTER STRIKES. DON'T BE STUCK WITH FEWER TOOLS! Why settle with just a basic fishing kit, firesteel, tinder & knife. We include many extras. Aquatabs, 11+ ft all weather, mold resistant cordage, bungee tourniquet tubing, flint striker, 5000 deg. Ferroceriu
PREP2GO Paracord Survival Grenade (30pc) Kit with (4) Water Purification Tablets
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Bath Bomb Gift Set – Each of the 6 aromatherapy bath bombs has a unique fragrance and essential oils, made with organic, natural ingredients. Makes a perfect gift. Proceeds Fund Charity to Help Moms.
GREAT GIFT GIVING BATH BOMB SET – The gift set is perfect for any occasion. Six luxurious bath bombs, each uniquely scented, are nestled in a beautiful keepsake box, tied with satin ribbon. Display the elegant gift set in any room for a fragrance that melts away stress and a box that adds decorative flair. Gives the gift of a spa in every box, indulge you or the one you love at Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
SKIN SOFTENING AND RELAXING – Each bath bomb is made with the most luxurious essential oil blends and other high-quality ingredients. They won’t stain the tub, fizzes to dissolve in seconds and leaves your skin soft, ultimately moisturized and your body and mind transformed to a spa getaway. Relax away stress, tired muscles and healing aches while taking your mind from the hustle to an oasis of tranquility.
ALL NATURAL – The 6 uniquely scented bath bombs are made with all-natural ingredients, handmade in the USA with organic Argan Oil, natural essential oil blends and other vegan, cruelty free ingredients.
PERFECT FRAGRANCE – Every bath bomb gives you the aromatherapy you crave. GODDESS is an enticing cotton candy aroma. DETOX is a floral scented spa tonic. INSPIRATION is a sweet blend of caramel and vanilla. MOTHER'S INTUITION is a relaxing lavender and lemon. SWEET TOOTH transports you to fields of strawberries. UNWIND takes you to the islands with coconut and tropical breezes.
CHARITY IN EVERY SET – Proceeds from each sale helps moms in need through Mom Bomb sister charity. Moms who are going through a tough time need a break and often can’t find it. We give them some help to get them through their toughest days.
Bath Bomb Gift Set – Each of the 6 aromatherapy bath bombs has a unique fragranc
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Phone Skope Pyro Putty Compact Ferro Rod - Comes w/ 2-0.5 oz Cans of Putty Putty (Summer and Winter) & a Multitool Striker (Compact Ferro Rod Orange Kit)
EMERGENCY FIRESTARTER KIT: Starting a fire is challenging in wind, rain, and poor weather. That’s why we created an efficient, non-toxic fire-starting kit for every survivalist, adventurer, hunter, and outdoorsman. This kit has everything you need to start a fire — a Ferro rod with storage space for putty, 2 0.5 oz. cans of our PYRO Putty, and a multitool knife that can be used as a striker.
HEAVY-DUTY IGNITER: This heavy-duty Ferro rod will help you start a fire whenever and wherever you need one! Our Compact Inferno Ferro Rod features a piston-cylinder capsule that ensures a simple ignition. You can be confident when you have this firestarter with you, no matter the weather or situation.
WATERPROOF & WEATHER-RESISTANT: Designed to burn through sleet, rain, wind, high altitudes, and a wide range of temperatures, the Phone Skope PYRO Putty Blue Winter Blend and Orange Summer Blend are essential additions to anyone’s 72-hour kit or survival supplies. The Blue Winter Blend will burn in temperatures from -20ºF to 70ºF, and the Orange Summer Blend will burn in temperatures from 40ºF to 110ºF.
ALL-IN-ONE TOOL: A hollow tube for safe putty storage also acts as a piston-cylinder capsule to push the putty out. All of this kit is contained within 1 compact, highly-portable device. This is a must-have for every survival pack, off-road vehicle, and emergency preparedness kit!
PRIMITIVE CAMPING & PREPAREDNESS: The Compact Inferno Ferro Rod Firestarter Kit starts fires without toxic chemicals, drained batteries, or cheap lighter fluid. Add this to your camping, hiking, hunting, and prepper survival supplies and you’ll be ready for any situation. Don’t worry about expired fuel, drained batteries, or dead lighters — the Ferro rod creates fires through friction.
Phone Skope Pyro Putty Compact Ferro Rod - Comes w/ 2-0.5 oz Cans of Putty Putty
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Sceptre Android TV A322BV-SRC 32-inch Smart LED HD TV Google Assistant Chromecast Bluetooth Remote, Machine Black 2020
Google Assistant Whether you require step-by-step instructions during the set-up process, or an authority to chime in occasionally to figure out a feature, Google Assistant is always there for you. Simply say "Ok Google" or click the mic button on the remote, and Google Assistant will answer your questions and rapidly navigate features for you.
Smart TV Forget connecting streaming devices. The Sceptre Smart AndroidTV has all the thrilling functionality you crave to connect to all the streaming apps you already love and to explore some new ones along the way. Just click a few buttons or voice a few commands and you will be binge-watching your favorite shows in no time.
Built-in Chromecast Built-in Chromecast swiftly and wirelessly transports all streaming content from your mobile device or tablet to the AndroidTV. Casting was never so simple.
Talk Back Talk Back uses the spoken word, vibrations, and audible feedback to guide viewers who have difficulty viewing written content on the screen or who would rather rely on auditory instruction to navigate all features on the AndroidTV.
BlueTooth Remote Don't worry about pointing the remote directly at the TV. With this BlueTooth remote, no line of sight is needed and the range is increased, allowing you to ably command all functions on your AndroidTV from any spot and direction in the room.
Sceptre Android TV A322BV-SRC 32-inch Smart LED HD TV Google Assistant Chromecas
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