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04-08-2019 11:33 am
adidas Women's Alphaskin Sport Bra, Black, XX-Large
Medium-support sports bra in sweat-wicking fabric with a mesh racerback to keep you cool throughout your workout
Compression fit is next to skin for a supportive feel; Medium support
Rounded neck; Dual-layer mesh racerback for breathability and full range of movement; Kinetic wrapped construction for full freedom of movement
Elastic hem; Alphaskin wraps the body to support dynamic movement and delivers a locked-in feel
Ventilated Climacool keeps you cool and dry; UPF 50+ UV protection
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Hayabusa Marvel Black Panther Boxing Gloves - Black, 12oz
Black Panther: King T’Challa often deals with problems bigger than himself to protect his nation. As he takes on the role of Black Panther, he proves to his people that he can lead by example. The stealthy, high-tech suit was our inspiration. Vibranium veins and Wakandan etchings were used across the glove, mirroring he’s suits ability to store kinetic energy.These gloves were based on our bestseller T3 design, giving you the wrist support, hand protection, comfort/fit you need.
Hand Protection You Can Trust: The optimal combination of foam for this glove was determined as a result of scientific research conducted by the University of Waterloo. Hayabusa’s 4 layer foam design will protect and last. Each layer of foam absorbs and dissipates impact force differently when punching mitts, bagwork or sparring.
Proper, Powerful Punches: The foam structure runs from your knuckles down over the top of your wrist to support and protect your wrists and hands from injuries, while increasing your performance
Perfect Fit Feel: Ultimate versatility the fully adjustable Dual-X closure system works by combining 2 velcro straps, allowing you to customize the fit of your T3 for your specific needs. Tried and tested ergonomics. T3’s thumb position, pocket size, and design deliver the most comfortable and secure fit on the market.
Hand made: Each glove is made by experienced professional artisans expert craftsmanship, high-end materials, techniques, and finishes come together to make our Marvel Hero Elite series the choice for all training situations including Boxing, kickboxing, fitness, combat, workout, punching the heavy bag and mitts, MMA, Muay Thai or Taekwondo. Sizes 12 oz and 16 oz
Hayabusa Marvel Black Panther Boxing Gloves - Black, 12oz Black Panther: King T’
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