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18-07-2017 10:05 pm
Ahhhhhhhh!!! This gore-geous Creature wallet from Rock Rebel is sure to be that thing! That thing you need, to hold all your bits! Mmhmm Mmhm. Only $28!
Amazon Cnlight  
Cnlight UV Sterilizer Lamp, UV Sanitizer Lamp, Air Purifier 110V 38W UV Ozone Free Disinfection Germicidal Lamp with 10s Delay Timing Remote Control for Germ Killing Household Use, Anti Flu
1-New Upgrades UV Sterilizer Lamp, with intelligent induction, the UV lamp will auto shut off when people and large animal come near, after it sensing here is no living creature, the lamp will start working again. New technology, more safe for household use. A must have when in flu season, can help you kill the virus, stay health.
2-Remote control can be used within 30 meters, but the battery is not included for smooth clearance, you can also control it by the lamp base. The UV sterilizer lamp will start working 10s later after operated, you have enough time to leave the room.
3-Equipped with U7 quartz tube, 99% bacteria will be killed by intensity ultraviolet radiation, can apply to living room, bedroom, washroom, baby's room, kitchen, pet house and elderly room, etc, an effective UV sterilizer lamp can achieve the home disinfection and the item surface.
4 Living in a healthy and clean environment is everyone's right, our germicidal lamp can provide such an environment for you, it will sanitize air and kill bacteria, Allergan, viruses and fleas, the ozone can take the formaldehyde into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, very useful for your home.
5 Remember: When using the UV lamp, please avoid people, animals and plants inside the room, do not look steadily at the lamp, ultraviolet radiation will cause the skin burn and hurt your eyes, after sterilization, remember to wait for 5 minutes to let air circulation when you go into the room.
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