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05-09-2018 02:31 am
AKDY 36" Convertible Wall Mount Stainless Steel Ductless/Ventless Range Hood with Remote
30W Halogen Light x2, Remote Control
3 Speed LED Display Screen Touch Panel Control
ETL safety approvals within US
Maximum Airflow: Max 400 CFM.
3-year limited parts warranty
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UV400 HD TAC Polarized Trendy Sunglasses for Men - Superior Anti Glare Quality Stylish Driving Glasses - 100% UVA and UVB Protection for Camping Fishing SHTF Daysight Hunting or Sporty Night Vision
✅ [A+ TAC LENS POLARIZATION SLICES THROUGH GLARE LIKE BUTTER] Protect and shield your precious eyes from the annoying effects of glare, with these ultra high quality anti-glare, sniper vision sunglasses. This superior technology provides enhanced reduction of glare from halogen and other bright lights, which cause distracting reflections and unwanted eye stress. DISCLAIMER: These are NOT magical matrix sunglasses that cause your vision to become better at night than during the daytime.
✅ [SUPERIOR ULTRAVIOLET UVA AND UVB SUN PROTECTION] Yes! UV Eye Protection DOES matter! UVA Rays penetrate deeply into your skin's thickest layer (the dermis), while UVB Rays burn the superficial layers of your skin. UV sun radiation can cause and/or contribute to damage to your eyelid skin, cornea, lens, certain types of cataracts, macular degeneration, and more! Invest in your eyes and buy a pair of Columo sunglasses to protect yourself from these harmful rays of the sun.
✅ [STEP INTO YOUR ALPHA SELF] Hold your head high with ultimate confidence as you enter the scene wearing your stylish Columo sunglasses. Women love a confident man, and these are the best sunglasses with swag to give you the boost you desire. Make her take a second look at who you become when you equip your Columos like a man with no limits. The world is yours when you become more attractive, handsome, and appealing. Take a deep breath and step out like a BOSS! Step into your ALPHA. Game on.
✅ [OUR BEAUTIFUL RIMLESS HD SUNGLASSES ARE GREAT FOR A WIDE VARIETY OF USES] These stylish, anti glare polarized glasses are not only for looking amazing, but because of the increased field of sight, these fun sunglasses allow you to thoroughly enjoy and take total control over exciting adventures, such as: driving, fishing, hunting
UV400 HD TAC Polarized Trendy Sunglasses for Men - Superior Anti Glare Quality S
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