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26-09-2017 01:32 pm
ARTICLE22 Peacebomb "I Heart Peace" Bangle (Small)
Recycled and handmade by fair trade artisans in Laos from Vietnam War era detonated bomb scrap and other aluminum debris.
Your purchase includes a donation to Mines Advisory Group (MAG) to professionally clear unexploded bombs from 3 square meters of land in Laos.
Engraved exterior I LOVE PEACE, engraved interior DROPPED + MADE IN LAOS, ARTICLE22 :: PEACEBOMB
Interior diameter: SML 2.4"/ STD 2.5"/ LRG 2.7". For women, STD is our best selling size. To determine your size, place your knuckles flat against a ruler, measure the width of your pointer knuckle to pinky knuckle and choose SML or STD if 3" or less, and LRG if 3.5".
Peacebomb aluiminum can be worn in water. Metal does not tarnish but may acquire a lightly polished patina from the natural oils of your skin.
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