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12-08-2017 08:31 pm
AZDeal Portable Emergency Solar Crank AM/FM/Radio with LED Flashlight Cell Phone Charger Green (DE-13)
With multi Type power supplies and functions like LED illumination light, alarm light, alarm siren, USB charge port and world band radio receiver, very suitable for anyone.
Support frequency range: FM: 87 108 MHz, mw: 520 1620 kHz, SW1: 5.80 10.00MHz, SW2: 11.60 18.20 MHz
Equipped with flashlight with 3 LED lights, and support hand-cranked generator, needed by every family to Face emergency situation.
Built-in standard USB port output the DC power to charge the mobile phone and other device.
This solar/hand Crank radio is a perfect and must Survival unit with its special nova weather alert and charging ways
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