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09-01-2018 05:32 am
Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe Hospital Bag Must Have (L/XL pre pregnancy 12-18, Eve)
Maternity Labor Delivery Hospital Nursing Robe. Wrap yourself in style during pregnancy and beyond. Don't forget to pack this fabulous robe in your hospital bag. Pop it on for those first pictures with your new baby and receive your visitors in style and comfort.
You can feel stylish and still easily walk the halls of the maternity ward and feed your newborn in comfort.
Feminine and practical. These robes make a great baby shower gift for the mom to be. Complete your look with matching pieces. Click on the logo * Baby Be Mine * above to find more listings . Matching maternity nursing nightgown, labor gowns, baby coming home outfits and more are available
Available in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL. Made out of 100% cotton. Machine washable
Designed by moms for moms in the USA since 2005. An attached belt helps easy sizing down from a belly bump to a nursing mom, allowing for generous changes from maternity to delivery to postnatal days (and nights).
Amazon Baby Be Mine  
Gownies-Labor&Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown,Molly L/XL pre pregnancy 10-16
#1 Bestselling Maternity Delivery Labor Hospital Gown.Say Good-bye to the oversized, revealing one-size fits all traditional hospital gowns. Gownies are made for style, comfort, and are hospital staff approved and appreciated.
Deliver in style & comfort, great for babies 1st pictures- Hospital Bag Must Have. Gownies attractive designs gives you the feeling of looking beautiful and keeps you completely covered during you hospital stay. Complete your look with more matching pieces. Simply click on the blue Baby Be Mine link above to find more listings - matching pillowcase, delivery robes, baby coming home outfit,labor socks and nightwear available
Strings down the back? Forget it! Snaps down the back ensure total coverage from top to more flashing! IV? No problem. Front snap down panels open completely. No need to unhook the IV!
Easy access for medical examination & breastfeeding - Front snap down panels allow YOU to easily open & close for examinations, breastfeeding & skin to skin contact with your baby.Epidural? No problem, Gownies are designed to accomodate - We've got you covered! Simply open the snaps in the back entirely to have full access during your epidural procedure
Designed by moms for moms in the USA since 2005. Hospital provided gowns are washed with harsh chemicals - say no & bring your own Gownie! Machine washable, tumble dry low - Perfect for your hospital stay- More matching pieces available. Simply click on Baby Be Mine Maternity
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