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16-10-2018 02:32 pm
Bamboo Wood Sunglasses - Polarized handmade wooden shades in a wayfarer that Floats! (All black, 55)
FREE BAMBOO CASE, CLOTH POUCH & MICROFIBRE CLOTH - Every Pair of 4EST Shades Comes equipped in a personalized Bamboo travel case & Cloth pouch for safe keeping. As a Bonus we now include a Microfibre Cleaning Cloth to ensure your shades are clean and protected!
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are ALWAYS here for our customers! Try our latest wood sunglasses for yourself or as a gift. If you don't like them, return them for a full refund!
THEY FLOAT! - Yes, Really. These Bamboo Wood beauties will NOT sink, Stop losing your eyewear to the water and get yourself a new pair of sunnies for the boat.
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Blue Neon Mirrored Polarized Wood Sunglasses Men Women Wooden Mirror Wayfarer Bamboo White Frame UV-400 Blue Lens Polarized Sunglasses Lightweight Wood Bamboo Cool Beach Pool Driving Fishing Shades
EXPECT COMPLIMENTS: SoFlow Sky Blue Polarized Wood Sunglasses - Cool Looking Wooden / Bamboo Sunglasses for The Pool, Beach, Fishing or Driving Around Town
WAYFARER WOOD SUNGLASSES: Polarized Mirror/Mirrored Lenses - Lightweight White Front Frame - Top Notch Bamboo Wood Grain Sunglasses for Men & Women
BAMBOO WOODEN SUNGLASSES: Comfortable, Durable & Stylish - People are going to ask where you got these because they're not your average looking shades that everyone else is wearing - We have high quality standards at SoFlow and only sell sunglasses that we like wearing ourself - 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed - Save 20% When You Buy Any 2 SoFlow Products with Coupon Code: SoFlow20
HIGH QUALITY HANDMADE WOOD SUNGLASSES: Medium Sized Fit Will Fit Most Faces Perfectly - Prime UV400 Protection - Anti Reflective Mirror / Mirrored Polarized Lenses - 100% Real Bamboo Sunglasses - Every pair looks absolutely unique with its own wood grain pattern
EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING: SoFlow Sky Blue Polarized Wood Sunglasses - Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses For Men & Women - Wooden Wayfarer Sunglasses - White Front Frame - Anti Reflective & Anti Glare - Medium Sized Fit - Prime UV400 Protection - Mirrored / Mirror Lenses - Double Spring Hinges - Perfect for the pool, beach, fishing or driving around town - Also makes a great gift idea
Blue Neon Mirrored Polarized Wood Sunglasses Men Women Wooden Mirror Wayfarer Ba
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Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator Absorber - Air Purifying Bags Room | Basement | Bathroom | Gym, Car Freshener | Natural & Eco Friendly 200GX2, 75GX1, 50GX2
🐼NO FRAGRANCES or CHEMICALS and NON TOXIC the bamboo charcoal air purifier bag is nature's gift to humans. The best part about this product is fragrance free, chemical free, non-toxic. They eliminates odors without just masking them, keeping people and pets safe from harmful residues. Gone. Vamoose! Sayonara!
🐼EXCELLENT ODOR REMOVER & SHOES DEODORIZER it can naturally and quickly trap odors, allergens, mold, mildew, moisture, bacteria, formaldehyde, and other toxins as they pass through, leaving you with fresher, purified air. And also can be Used as a: deodorizer in your fridge, freezer, bedroom and bathroom, gym bag, hockey equipment, basement, footwear, kitchen, car, pet area, renovation area, garage, compost pail and diaper pail.
🐼REGULATE HUMIDITY & EASY to USE bamboo charcoal also has the ability to absorb moisture in the air and balance indoor humidity levels, making it ideal to use during the rainy season. Apart from that, the bamboo charcoal purifier bags will also help in reducing the symptoms of allergies and asthma that mostly happen because you inhale the air full of germs and toxins. Just place this activated charcoal odor absorber bag wherever you need more breathable air.
🐼RECYCLABLE&LONG LASTING AIR FRESHER it can reuse and last for 2 years, to refresh the nature fresh air purifier bag, you simply need to leave it out in the sun for an hour monthly, and it will be ready to use again for another month.Also, after the 2 years are up, cut the bag open and sprinkle the charcoal into a garden or potted plants to add minerals to soil. It also helps retain moisture.
🐼RISK FREE PURCHASE FROM BAMBLOOM if for some reason that you are not satisfied with our odor absorbent bags, you can contact us for a replacement or full money refund. Your email will be replied withi
Bamboo Charcoal Odor Eliminator Absorber - Air Purifying Bags Room | Basement |
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S.H. Churchill & Co. Men's 4 Piece Vest Set, with Bow Tie, Neck Tie & Pocket Hankie - Teal, M
EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Included in this formal vest set is a sleek solid-colored satin vest with a matching pocket hankie, pre-tied adjustable bow tie and self tie long tie for super easy accessorizing. All this for a great price. What could be better?
TRADITIONAL STYLING. With besom pockets, a five button front, and a full back style, this vest features an adjuster in the back to take in or let out for a proper fit.  The vest & accessories also has a fantastic satin finish and is sleek, classic, comfortable, and completely easy to wear.
MIX AND MATCHABLE. This set gives you options galore. The pieces are meant to be worn together or can be used separately to create limitless looks.
VERY VERSATILE. A great choice for everything from proms and weddings, to formal nights on the town, gala affairs, or just to add some fun flair to a casual ensemble, this vest set works with virtually everything whether worn with just the vest, or with a mixing and matching of accessories. It can be paired with a tuxedo or a suit.
FANTASTIC OPTIONS. From rich and funky colors like fuchsia pink and orange, to more traditional shades of black and white, there's a tuxedo vest set here that will suit any personality or event.  A great choice as formal wear for the groom and groomsman in a wedding party.
S.H. Churchill & Co. Men's 4 Piece Vest Set, with Bow Tie, Neck Tie & Pocket Han
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Open Cardigan for Girls – Long Sleeve Back to School Fall Sweater
Cardigans for girls are essential back to school and fall clothes. This long sleeve open cardigan is as pretty as a picture and delivers on every level. Ultra-wearable, it will team with just about anything in your little girl's wardrobe, and can be worn both cute and casual or dress up.
This sweater is light weight layering at its finest adding a touch of warmth when there is a slight chill in the air. It has a kimono style opening, and is easy to layer over a variety of clothes including dresses and tops.
Super soft and breathable fabric paired with a classic design. There's a size for everyone, even girls with very petite frames. You can wave goodbye to outfit dilemmas as these cardigans are sure to become your little girl's all-time favorites.
Choose from a variety of gorgeous colors: black, fuchsia purple, navy blue, heather grey, and plum purple. Team the black cardigan with white or red for a super-on trend color block vibe. Both purple colors would suit girls that love pink shades. The navy blue and gray are excellent neutrals, and will work with a variety of different colors.
Free shipping on any orders from KIDPIK totalling over $50. Easy machine wash, alongside KIDPIK's exceptional quality means they'll look great even after multiple washes. It comes in a variety of sizes from XXS (4/4t) and XS (5/6) up to 14.
Open Cardigan for Girls – Long Sleeve Back to School Fall Sweater Cardigans for
Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Deodorizer ,Freshener Bags(6 Bags - 2 x 200g, 4 x 75g), Moisture Absorber, Eliminators, Neutralizer, Mold Removal, 100% Natural, ChemicalFree Moisture for Car
<p>【6 PIECE SET】:2* 200g bags cover 90 sq, Perfect for cars, bathrooms, closets and pet areas. 4* 75g air purifying bags are ideal for sports and travel bags, shoes, drawers and other small spaces. </p>
<p>【PURIFYING AIR】: Filters and purifies the air from bacteria, allergens, mold, chemicals such as benzene, ammonia and aldehyde form and refreshes the air of the house, acts as absorbing smoke for an environment healthier and fresher. Bamboo activated carbon naturally absorbs bad odors. </p>
<p>【ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE FOR KIDS & PETS】 : Uses Sustainably Sourced Activated Bamboo Charcoal. 100% Safe! Fragrance Free, Chemical Free and Non-Toxic. Safe around children and pets you can rest assured knowing you or your loved ones are not being exposed to any chemicals or harmful pollutants.</p>
<p>【SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE】:Air Purifying Bamboo Bag conveniently works anywhere. Unlike electric or automatic air freshener that need to be replaced every 30-45 days, these odour absorber bags only need to be replaced once a year & only need 60 mins in the sun to be activated. </p>
<p>【WE GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION 】:Order With Confidence. We provide full refunds & returns if there's any problems after receiving the products. Simply contact us and we will take care of it.</p>
Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier, Deodorizer ,Freshener Bags(6 Bags - 2 x
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