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17-10-2018 04:30 pm
BIC AMERICA RTR-EV15 15"" Eviction RtR Series 3-Way Bi-Ampable Floor Speaker Computers, Electronics, Office Supplies, Computing
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BIC Acoustech PL-980 7.1 Home Theater System-NEW!! PL-200II Sub
YOU WILL RECEIVE: 2 PL-980 towers.....1 PL-28II center.....4 PL-66 surrounds....PL-200II
The high efficiency PL-66 bookshelf/surround speakers deliver performance with lush, crystal clear sound for both music and video, They offer angled cabinets which enable wide dispersion reflection throughout a room. Each speaker contains one 6 1/2" mid/high frequency aluminum dome horn tweeter with neodynium magnet, one 6 1/2" poly-injected woofer with butly rubber surround, and one 5" x 7" passive radiator for extended bass output.
All Acoustech Platinum Series speakers come in elegant enclosures with hand-rubbed black lacquer tops and bottoms. This extra step ensures each cabinet has a deep gloss shine that is more scratch resistant than many lacquer finishes on the market. Flush wall mounts included.
We proudly introduce the BIC/Acoustech Platinum Series PL-200 subwoofer. If you are looking for a top-tier subwoofer at an affordable price, we strongly suggest you audition the Acoustech PL-200. Although both the H-100 and PL-200 are superb value performers, the PL-200 is driven by an audiophile state-of-the-art BASH amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000-watts dynamic peak output. For extended bass response, the PL-200 also has more internal cabinet volume than the H-100. The PL-200 can move an impressive volume of air with exquisite control while delivering prodigious amounts of bass power for both music and theater applications. A sleek cabinet with hand-rubbed black lacquer top and bottom offers a deep gloss shine that is more scratch resistant than many lacquer finishes on the market. Like the Acoustech H-100, we guarantee the PL-200 will knock your socks off, especially for the price!
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2 Large + 1 Small Travel Luggage Tags, Easy To Write, Extra Wide Lines, Tough PVC, Steel Loops, (Orange) By TravelHY
2 LARGE TAGS + 1 SMALL TAG FOR FREE: In this TravelHY set we are selling two large luggage tags. As an extra courtesy to our customers we have included the free gift of one additional small luggage tag.
EASY TO PERSONALIZE : These luggage tags come with extra wide sized white spaces on them so that you can easily and clearly write out your information. No other brand makes a writing space this wide like we do! This will help you easily identify your bag so that you can grab it and get on with your travels!
STRONG & FLEXIBLE PVC COMPOSITION WITH STEEL CABLE: Each of our tags are built with the super strong material of PVC and comes with a strong cable knit steel ring that is built to last. You can easily attach it to your baggage and forget about it because they will not come off at all.
GREAT FOR LUGGAGE, BACKPACKS, GYM BAGS AND MORE: Our luggage tags can be used for much more than travel--If you have school and use a backpack you can attach our luggage tag and go through the entire day with no problem at all. You can go to the gym and leave your bag anywhere you wish and be able to tell the difference between yours and others. Our tags can also be used as key chains as well! Use these luggage tags to make your life simpler and easier in any and every way possible.
HOW TO WRITE ON TAGS: We highly recommend that for lasting results you write on the tags with a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker or Bic Permanent Marker. Wait approximately between 10 to 15 minutes for it to fully air dry.
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