Amazon Ear Mitts  
20-01-2018 03:31 pm
Black Faux Fur Ear Mitts Gift Bag Set (Available in 2 Sizes) (Small)
GIFT SET includes: one pair of Ear Mitts bandless ear muffs in faux black mink fur, and a matching cow print gift bag with drawstring
KEEP EARS WARM with 3 layers of protection: warm faux fur, 100 gram 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation, and a soft fleece inner lining with TeflonTM fabric protector
ADJUSTS to your ears for the perfect fit. Our ear warmers durable polypropylene frames get more comfortable the more you wear them
FITS UNDER hats, hoods, helmets- any headgear, and can also be worn OVER glasses and earbuds. Won't mess up your hairstyle!
SMALL & COMPACT size means these ear muffs can easily fit in your purse or bag, and even in your pocket!
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