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11-01-2018 01:30 pm
Castillo de Pinar Fritada de Tomate Casera All-Natural Spanish Heritage Tomate Sauce with a Mild Kick 350g Jar, Non-GMO, Gluten Free.
Traditional Spanish, NON-GMO, Pan-cooked tomato sauces made exclusively with Castillo de Pinar Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our 'Fritada' sauce takes traditional tomato sauce to a new level of flavor and freshness.
May be used as a base ingredient or enjoyed for their own flavor.
Our Tomate's are distinctly different because our fresh, whole tomatoes have been sautéed in Castillo de Pinar Extra Virgin Olive Oil, giving our sauce the rich, bold & unique influence of our farms' robust Picual Olives.
Our cooks allow the natural marriage of tomato acid with the sweet & pungent flavors of onion, garlic & mild peppers to produce a traditional Spanish flavor-rich sauce with a mild kick.
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