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11-01-2018 05:31 pm
Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant Roll-On 1.20 oz
Apply Certain Dri antiperspirant to underarms at bedtime. That's because the active ingredient works best while you sleep to stop perspiration all day. It will not wash off the next day, even after bathing or showering.
Apply sparingly to completely dry armpit. Apply Certain Dri sparingly - only a few strokes under each arm. To reduce the risk of irritation, be sure underarms are completely dry before applying.
For added deodorant protection, Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical antiperspirant + deodorant may also be re-applied in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection.
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Organic Coconut Dream Deodorant -Healthy All Natural Deodorant Detoxes with No Aluminum - With Aloe Infused Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil, Best Natural Healthy Hypoallergenic Deodorant That Works!
These Products contain Natural & Organic Essential Oils as well as Sodium, If you have ANY skin sensitivities, this product is not designed for your use. Please see our Non-Scented Version for skin sensitivities. You need to allow the product to dry after application on your skin BEFORE dressing. A simple, light dusting of powder is recommended after application if you do not have a minute to let the product dry before dressing.
This is a natural product that becomes wet when it melts and absorbs into your skin. It is not a "dry" product upon first application. This product is not intended to be used with materials that are Dry Clean Only. Staining can occur if product is applied to the skin and or not applied properly by overuse and not allowed to dry before dressing and or used with any kind of synthetic stainable fabrics.
This product is NOT an Antiperspirant, Your underarms can still produce moisture with use of this product. If you have used Antiperspirants in the past, and have not properly detoxed the aluminum from your body, or removed the aluminum from your clothing, The aluminum THAT IS ALREADY PRESENT ON YOUR CLOTHING AND IN YOUR PORES can stain your clothing by using a natural product such as this. Be sure to detox your underarms & body before first use.
THE #1 ORGANIC DEODORANT: The Best Natural Deodorant that actually works without aluminum. NATURALLY DETOXIFYING and firm like a lotion bar. A slight application provides desired results as a hypoallergenic deodorant.
SOOTHING COCONUT & ORANGE oil in this aluminum-free deodorant will give you a soft tropical aroma and all day odor protection. HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES IN NEW HAMPSHIRE (unlike others we produce all of our products in-house ourselves) Check out Organic Fields of Heather's Skin care line as well incl
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