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04-10-2018 11:31 am
Cinco Jotas Paleta Iberico De Bellota - 2 packs x 3 oz each - Sliced Ham Acorn Fed Premium Taste Pork Shoulder Bundle
Thinly-sliced, almost transparent iberico ham is exquisite on its own, or as a compliment to a variety of dishes. Two packs bundle.
Cinco Jotas sliced ham from the pata negra iberico pig has the same characteristic flavor and aroma due to the pig's unique diet of acorns.
The slices are immediately vacuum sealed so they don't lose any of their original flavor or aroma.
Three ounces is the perfect amount to serve as an aperitif with an intimate group of good friends who appreciate the best things in life.
Overnight shipping. After receiving keep refrigerated.
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DELICIOUS TASTE: Our savory chamoy sauce is made from limes, apricots, mangos, plums, and chili peppers to create a dynamic taste. When you taste this sauce, you'll experience an explosion of flavor. Sweet and spicy flavorings come together for an intriguing and captivating taste. You'll be pleasantly surprised by this tangy sauce.
AUTHENTIC MEXICAN TREAT: This chamoy sauce was made in Mexico. For decades, Mexicans have enjoyed pouring this savory sauce over their snacks and meals. Imagine pouring it over corn on the cob, pureed fruit, or salsa ranchera chips. You could even make heavenly tasting chamoyadas with this sauce. Plus, it's the perfect blend of seasonings to spice up your smoothies.
GREAT FOR FIESTAS: Our original chamoy sauce will be a hit at any Mexican party! Your guests will thank you for providing this tasty hot sauce. You can even pair chamoy sauce with margarita mix. Imagine sipping your drinks, the salt brine crystalized on the rim, at your fun, sexy fiesta. You'll enjoy a tangy pop of flavor when you use this chamoy sauce.
PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS: This hot sauce will add flair to your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It's a great cultural attribute of your home country. You can show your patriotic side with appetizing chamoy sauce. Throw a Mexican-themed party! You can even prepare genuine Mexican meals and entrees with chamoy sauce.
DON PEPE: At Don Pepe, we strive to provide legitimate Mexican snacks, foods, and condiments. We use specialized extracts, flavorings, and concentrates to deliver satiating flavors. Use Don Pepe chamoy sauce for all your party and holiday needs. We care about our customers. That's why we've created quality hot sauce for you to enjoy.
DON PEPE SALSA CHAMOY 1LT DELICIOUS TASTE: Our savory chamoy sauce is made from
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Gourmet Honey peanut butter. Handmade in New Zealand. All natural and Non-GMO from Fix & Fogg with Organic Honey. Keto friendly. Superior tasting peanut butter in a beautiful canister (13.2 oz)
YOU'LL TASTE THE DIFFERENCE -- We use golden roasted hi-oleic peanuts, organic honey with a pinch of New Zealand Sea Salt. Eat it for yourself or give a gourmet gift you can be proud of!
GOOD FOR YOU -- We only source the best ingredients to bring you a delicious, nutritious and healthy peanut butter. There is absolutely no palm oil in our peanut butter.
LOVE SWEET-SALTY GOODNESS? -- We do too! We make Fix & Fogg Honey peanut butter by blending our Super Crunchy peanut butter with organic, raw Beechwood honey from the South Island of New Zealand. It's our sweet-salty take on a delicious peanut butter combo that we can't get enough of. Try spreading this classic combo on toast with sliced banana.
HANDMADE PEANUT BUTTER FROM NEW ZEALAND -- Your gourmet peanut butter has been made by an award-winning small team of peanut butter makers in Wellington, New Zealand. We're completely hands-on throughout the entire process to ensure you get the best artisan peanut butter in the world.
TRY IT RISK FREE -- Click the "Add to Cart" button now and be the judge. If you don't love our peanut butter, we'll refund you, no questions asked. Simply contact Fix & Fogg DIRECTLY for a refund. No tricks, no excuses. Just the best guarantee around.
Gourmet Honey peanut butter. Handmade in New Zealand. All natural and Non-GMO fr
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