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04-10-2018 11:31 am
Cinco Jotas Paleta Iberico De Bellota - 2 packs x 3 oz each - Sliced Ham Acorn Fed Premium Taste Pork Shoulder Bundle
Thinly-sliced, almost transparent iberico ham is exquisite on its own, or as a compliment to a variety of dishes. Two packs bundle.
Cinco Jotas sliced ham from the pata negra iberico pig has the same characteristic flavor and aroma due to the pig's unique diet of acorns.
The slices are immediately vacuum sealed so they don't lose any of their original flavor or aroma.
Three ounces is the perfect amount to serve as an aperitif with an intimate group of good friends who appreciate the best things in life.
Overnight shipping. After receiving keep refrigerated.
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