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23-02-2018 04:31 pm
CoRkErY2 Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter Mat | 1/8" | Audiophile Slipmat | Made in USA
Alternative platter mat with special sound characteristics
Designed and Crafted from a proprietary Cork N Rubber composite in USA
Substitutes felt mats. Provides dampening of resonances from metal turntable platters
Less noise: Avoids Static Load
Suitable for all turntables
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Vinyl Record Weight LP Stabilizer – Turntable Clamp Record-Happy 16oz HiFi Premium Aluminum Audiophile Grade Vibration Reducer Soft Base Pad Optimal Audio Performance Your R. Player
RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR FAVOPRITE ALBUMS, with our best Vinyl Record Weight. As nothing compares with the feeling of placing a pristine record on the turntable and that exciting sensation of the needle going thru every single song. It's easy to listen to music by a computer or another way, but the beauty of vinyl is really unique!
PREVENTS FROM CREATING ADDITIONAL HARMONIC VIBRATION that the needle can pick up giving a false echo; holds your vinyl record firmly on the turntable as better coupling gives you better sound reproduction and a more stable spin, your music plays smoother and with fewer skips, specially helpful when a record is light-weight or has a loose spindle hole
AUDIOPHILE ESSENTIAL as it helps clamping warped records flat; and equally important, it couples the vinyl tightly to the platter so that internal resonances can be drained away from the stylus - as if the LP is of effectively a much higher thickness and rigidity
BETTER BASS DETAIL, HIGH FREQUENCY AMBIENT DETAIL and better Bass extension; as LP records vibrate along with the music as the stylus traces the groove as well as tending to move or bend under the pressure of the arm and cartridge when they are insufficiently supported
2 YEARS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, because our Customers are our number One Priority! We are so confident you are going to love your new Record Weight we back it up with a Total Satisfaction No Questions Asked Guarantee! And it makes a great gift for any serious audiophile, DJ or Vinyl Music Enthusiast
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Mother’s & Father’s Day Prime Nuts Gift Basket, Fruit and Nut Gift, Holiday Gift Baskets, Large Platter 6 Different Nuts - By CeeGees's Gourmet.
<b>Go Nuts with this 6-Section Gift Box!</b>
<b> A SCRUMPTIOUS 6-SECTION BOX OF FRESH ROASTED NUTS: </b> Turn 'ho-hum' into 'totally yum' with this gift box of delicious, healthy nuts! Hand selected for superb quality and top-notch taste, this delectable variety of nuts will impress the most discriminating recipient. Dig into a gourmet array of Roasted Salted Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Honey Roasted Peanuts, Honey Glazed Pecans and Raw Walnuts.
<b> OUR PRETTY PRESENTATION... MAKES SNACKING A SENSATION! </b> This isn't your ordinary nut bowl, bag or basket. It's a beautifully designed, artfully shaped gift box divided into individual segments for a diverse assortment of nuts. Placed in an Elegant Designed Outer box, this container is sure to bring compliments!
<b> MAKE THOSE SPECIAL MOMENTS MEMORABLE! </b> Whether it's for a Birthday, Anniversary, Thank you, Holiday, Get Well, Condolence, or any other special occasion, these gift boxes of nuts will perfectly convey your message and upgrade any event from ordinary to extraordinary.
<b> HEARTFELT AND HASSLE-FREE: </b> You want something singular that'll make a statement? Your search is over. With this gift box of nuts, you don't need to spend the time, energy or money shopping in a store, or even wrapping your purchase. It's almost too easy! Save yourself the unnecessary stress and go for the sure thing!
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