Amazon Highwind  
13-12-2017 09:30 am
Cruise Tags Luggage Etag Holders Zip Seal & Steel Loops Thick PVC (8 Pack + 4 ID Holders)
✅ Set Includes = 8 Pack Cruise Tags & 4 ID Badge Holders w/Black Lanyards
✅ Cruise Set Includes = High Quality Cruise Ship Luggage Tags - 7.25 x 3.5 in.
✅ The Badge Holder maximum insert size is 4-1/8"*2-7/8"(Outer Dimensions: 5"*3-1/8")
✅ These PREMIUM Cruise Baggage Tag Holders are Great for PRINCESS, CARNIVAL, COSTA, HOLLAND AMERICA, P&O, and NORWEGIAN + More!
✅ The Cruise ID Holder is water resistant and with a detachable clasp
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