Amazon Demi Hugger  
14-02-2018 05:30 pm
Demi Hugger Luggage Strap (blue)
add a bag, coat, blanket ,pillow, and more to your rolling suitcase
doubles as a back or neck rest when folded
no more fighting with bungee cords hooks and clips.
This amazing material with soft hook and look mechanism holds a combination of items with a simple wrap and press.
Soft stretchable strap attaches easily to handle of wheeled luggage or bicycle
Amazon ASUTRA  
Premium Lavender Silk Eye Pillow + FREE Eye Gel Mask, Smart Comfort Design, Includes Removable Pouch Generously Filled With Organic Lavender & Flax Seeds, So Many Uses!
UNIQUE SMART COMFORT DESIGN: Elegantly curved so it falls around the nose, fits more naturally, feels better & blocks out more light. We listened and added an ADJUSTABLE ELASTIC BAND so no more worries about it sliding off and disturbing your peaceful moment. Perfect for sleep, yoga, meditation, stress relief, relaxation, facial acu-pressure, migraine and headache relief and much more!
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR LIKING: Includes a flexible muslin bag with zipper! This means you can easily open to add more lavender buds, flax seed or anything you like. You can add just plain flax seed with no scent and you can fill it to the weight you desire. Also, you can skip the muslin bag and fill the eye pillow directly for a more conforming feeling. The FLEXIBILITY is why people love this eye pillow!
INCLUDES THERAPEUTIC GEL EYE MASK: A $7.95 value. Everyone needs this! Great for treating tired, puffy eyes with dark circles. Relieves eye fatigue & feels so nice. Place in fridge for a soothing cooling effect. Fully adjustable to fit everyone.
FILLED WITH ORGANIC LAVENDER & FLAX SEEDS: Pure Aromatherapy! Comes filled with x ounces of organic lavender and flax seeds. If you want unscented or a different aroma, simply zip open the pillow and fill with anything you like. Total flexibility makes this eye pillow better than all others.
DOUBLES AS A SLEEP EYE MASK: No need to carry a separate eye mask! Just zip open the main eye pillow and remove the filling - that's it! The adjustable elastic band makes a secure and comfortable fit and you can feel the real, pure 100% silk caress you to sleep.
Amazon Chillax  
ChillaX UltraLight Camping Pillow - Compressible, Compact, Inflatable, Comfortable, Ergonomic Pillow for Neck & Lumbar Support and a Good Night Sleep while Camp, Backpacking
IMPROVED ERGONOMIC DESIGN for ENHANCED COMFORT, EFFICIENCY and DURABILITY: The Chillax inflatable pillow ensures the best neck and head support for back, side and stomach sleepers. It is constructed from strong, durable, water-resistant, elastic TPU fabric. Whether you're backpacking with your family, camping for the weekend, hiking the mountains or you simply need a lumbar support - this is the best air pillow!
ADJUSTABLE and MULTI-FUNCTION: the most compact and ultralight inflatable camping pillow inflates in seconds to 16 x 12 x 4 inch, which is a proper size for a good sleeping pillow or for a back support and it folds back into a small sack that is only 5 x 2 inches (less than a soda can) and weights only 2.75oz (78g). It can be easily carried in your backpack or pocket for easy access.
EASY TO INFLATE AND DEFLATE: Simply twist open the top portion of the double-decked air valve and blow air into it, it will only require 3-5 breaths for increased firmness. To deflate, open the bottom of the valve and roll the pillow towards the valve opening. The specially designed Two Way Valve prevent the air leak, so there will be no need of inflating it during night and you will be able to have a good night sleep.
SLIP-RESISTANT - The back is made of slip resist material that prevents the blow up travel pillow from unwanted sliding. It also comes with a Sleeping Mask, a sleep aid and eye relaxer, made of 100% top-quality silk, super-soft, super-smooth that offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks found at the world's premier spas. Always ensures you have a relaxing good night sleep!
NO RISK PURCHASE. Making you a happy customer is our main goal. Just try it, and if you don't absolutely Love it, send us a message and we will Refund or Replace your Purchase, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Amazon Great Oral Health  
Dr. O's Copper Tongue Scraper ~ Copper Tongue Cleaner ~ Holistic Dentist Developed ~ 83 Page eBook Included
DR O's SUPERIOR TONGUE SCRAPER as recommended in Ayurvedic Treatment, is made from a top quality copper. Custom designed by a top holistic dentist for easy use and comfort. Superior tongue cleaning with copper's antibacterial fighting power!
STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that roughly 80% of bad breath originates in the rear of the tongue. Periodontal disease is associated with thicker tongue coatings, as bad bacteria colonizes in the tongue surface. Copper has been used for centuries to fight bacteria, molds and fungus. Scientists have shown copper's ability to fight harmful microorganisms, and thus copper tongue cleaners are more effective in bacterial control.
AYURVEDIC MEDICINE, an age old traditional medicine, has long recommended tongue cleaning as an integral part of a daily, oral hygiene regimen. A healthy, pink tongue is a sign of good health! Our copper tongue cleaner is custom designed for comfort, effectiveness, ease of use and of course, is fashioned from quality copper.
WITH THE MISSION of improving oral health across the planet, Great Oral Health is here to help you achieve superior oral health for you, your family and your friends. With our battery of oral health products now available, including our powerful oral probiotics and OraRestore gum & tooth oil, we have now provided you with an arsenal to restore great oral health!
OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE! We genuinely want you happy and care very much about our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back or item replaced! Contact us and we will take care of you!
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