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17-05-2018 11:32 pm
dexflex Comfort Women's Nude Patent Women's Karma Round-Toe Pump 6.5 Regular
2 3/4" wrapped heel
Spacious rounded toe
Memory foam insole
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LV Neverfull GM Handbag Base Shaper - Acrylic Flame Polished With Rounded Edges - Measures 15" x 7.3"
ELIMINATES BAG SAGGING, MAKES YOUR LV NEVERFULL GM LOOK STRUCTURED AND GORGEOUS- Give your handbag the gorgeous and structured look you want without any sagging or drooping. Display your LV handbag with the confidence, style, and shape you know it deserves.
**SHIPPED WRAPPED IN A BLUE PROTECTIVE FILM LAYER THAT JUST NEEDS TO BE PEELED OFF TO REVEAL THE CLEAR ACRYLIC BASE SHAPER**- The shaper is shipped with an anti-scratch, protective film that is blue. THE BLUE PLASTIC FILM IS REMOVEABLE. Just peel the blue film off to reveal the clear base shaper.
PUTS AN END TO BULGING OR DROOPING IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PURSE- Get the bag structure you need without adding additional weight. Use with your favorite purse accessories or handbag organizers to create the perfect organized purse that looks like a million dollars.
PROTECTS YOUR EXPENSIVE HANDBAG FROM SPILLS AND DAMAGE- Protect your investment and keep the bottom of your purse clear of makeup spills, ink blotches, and leaky liquids. Your LV handbag is a pricey investment, this shaper insert keeps the bottom of your purse tidy with an extra layer of protection.
GUARANTEED TO FIT YOUR LV NEVERFULL GM AND ELIMINATE BAG SAGGING OR YOUR MONEY BACK- This base shaper comes with a manufacturer LIFETIME WARRANTY. If it doesn't fit your LV NEVERFULL GM or doesn't reduce bag sagging like you thought it would, you can contact us for a full refund GUARANTEED.
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