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09-11-2017 07:30 pm
Digital Voice Recorder - Audio Recorder Goplay Wireless Mic Smart Digital Recorder Portable 8GB CD Sound Quality APP Controlled Microphone Text Transcript Audio Recording Device
CD AUDIO QUALITY RECORDING - Goplay Mic promises 24bit CD-quality audio with an unlimited range, audio will be stored on the Goplay mic merory, after recording video, you can use Goplay mic's auto sync app to sync the audio to your video and share to your favorite platforms.
AUTO-SYNC FEATURES MAKES WONDERFUL VIDEO - Goplay mic lets you mix stunning videos, sync video from your phone camera with GoPlay audio, without possessing any knowledge of post-production software. You do not need to waste your time manually adjusting the audio timing. Timestamp mechanism will auto sync the Goplay audio with video. Goplay audio recorder can be used by independent filmmakers, new parents, vloggers. Now you can unleash your subjects and get great video.
YOUR POCKET AUDIO SOLUTION FOR ANY VIDEO - The wireless recorder is tiny as a coin, pleace it anywhere. Match it with your favorite shirt right now, also can be subtly placed under tie. Built-in magnet enables you attach the smart recorder to any steel surface. Everyone has access to a great video, if you want audiable audio, the only solution to shoot your subjects close up, Goplay mic allows you to be more creative with your shot choice.
SAVE YOUR TIME ON SUBTITLE EDITING - Free trial of paid service. Just one click and you can watch the video with subtitles in minutes! The wireless voice recorder comes with a paid service with free trial.TEXT TRANSCRIPT & BUILT-IN CORRECTION EDITOR. Goplay APP converts audio into text, which help you easily search the content from dozens of shootings, share or publish it on your web page instantly.
GOPLAY MIC UPDATE YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO A PRO CAMERA - flawless recording quality with an authentic stereo experience. Means you can enjoy crystal clear recordings even at lectures, class, study, speech, meetings, interviews a
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Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones Born for mobile filmmakers
❶Hot Keys Design for Instant Controls (Accessed without touching the phone screen): Smooth 4 features unique hot-key commanded operations reducing inconvenience of constant needs for touching the screen, and that is how you can control all parameters of phone camera , including resolution ratio, exposure compensation and iSO, via Smooth 4. With this feature, you can shoot your own Hollywood movies by a phone.
❷Smooth Zooming and Precise Focusing: By rotating its unique follow focus handwheel, you can smoothly zoom in/out the footage and create more diverse images. After pressing the follow focus button, the handwheel will turn into a follow focus controller, where you can control the focus manually, creating more possibility for your shooting.
❸PhoneGo Mode for Instant Scene Transition: By simply triggering the button on the back, you can enter your Smooth 4 into full-speed following -"PhoneGo"mode. In this mode, Smooth 4 can follow every single of your movement synchronously. Scene transition is just in a flash.
❹Object Tracking: Smooth 4 can realize both presetted Timelapse and customized Motionlapse and Hyperlapse. With freer angle settings along all three axes while allowing AF and WT adjustment at the same time, it invites new possibilities to making impactful timelapse. You can frame the object you want to track on the screen, and the stabilizer can do the rest.
❺Reminder: At present, the APP of the Smooth 4 does not support some of the functions of some Android phones temporarily. For example, Samsung phones do not support 4K videos.Please go to the Product Description to learn more.
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