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09-11-2017 09:32 am
Dr. Tungs Smart Floss - 30 Yards - Case of 6
Dr. Tungs Smart Floss - 30 Yards - Case Of 6
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MD BRUSH (2 pack) Best Toothbrush for Healthy Teeth and Gums, Helps Prevent Bad Breath, Gingivitis, and Plaque, Promotes 45 Degree Angle To Clean Below Gum line. BE A BETTER BRUSHER ! !
✔ CHANGES THE MECHANICS OF BRUSHING TO HELP YOU THINK AND BRUSH like a dental professional. Utilizes a 45 degree angle to clean deeper below the gum line than ever before. It's how dental professional are taught to brush. Top Amazon Reviews, Featured on NPR. You'll never need to use an electric sonic brush again
✔ 45 DEGREE OFF SET GRIP AND VISUAL INDICATORS - aligns hand, wrist and arm to ensure the bristles contact the gum line at correct angle. 45 degree brushing is endorsed by the American Dental Association as the most effective way to prevent gum disease and remove plaque. When performed correctly it can be more effective than the electric competition.
✔ PATENTED 45 DEGREE BRISTLE DESIGN - the MD Brush uses dual height tapered and end rounded bristles in a revolutionary arrangement to clean below the gum line and adjacent tooth simultaneously. You will actually feel the bristles snap on to the tooth at 45 degrees. Extra soft bristles prevent recession, sensitivity, and gum trauma.
✔ CREATED BY DENTIST AND HYGIENIST WITH 40 YEARS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE. The MD Brush addresses brushing technique, which is proven to be the most critical component to a healthy mouth and the prevention of gum disease. Educational videos with purchase. You're going to like the way your mouth feels
✔ 90 DAY GUARANTEE, FDA APPROVED - toothbrush tooth teeth brush gum disease health treatment gingivitis plaque tartar soft medium firm small medium large periodontal therapy dentist hygienist 360 oral sonic b care total control method clean best floss pick threader electric top rated npr ada fda inflamed diabetes heart low birth weight osteoporosis children kids men women fitness dr bass Collins back reach pro ultra bad breath spin head holder cover toothpicks picks threaders
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Dr. O's Copper Tongue Scraper ~ Copper Tongue Cleaner ~ Holistic Dentist Developed ~ 83 Page eBook Included
DR O's SUPERIOR TONGUE SCRAPER as recommended in Ayurvedic Treatment, is made from a top quality copper. Custom designed by a top holistic dentist for easy use and comfort. Superior tongue cleaning with copper's antibacterial fighting power!
STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that roughly 80% of bad breath originates in the rear of the tongue. Periodontal disease is associated with thicker tongue coatings, as bad bacteria colonizes in the tongue surface. Copper has been used for centuries to fight bacteria, molds and fungus. Scientists have shown copper's ability to fight harmful microorganisms, and thus copper tongue cleaners are more effective in bacterial control.
AYURVEDIC MEDICINE, an age old traditional medicine, has long recommended tongue cleaning as an integral part of a daily, oral hygiene regimen. A healthy, pink tongue is a sign of good health! Our copper tongue cleaner is custom designed for comfort, effectiveness, ease of use and of course, is fashioned from quality copper.
WITH THE MISSION of improving oral health across the planet, Great Oral Health is here to help you achieve superior oral health for you, your family and your friends. With our battery of oral health products now available, including our powerful oral probiotics and OraRestore gum & tooth oil, we have now provided you with an arsenal to restore great oral health!
OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PROMISE! We genuinely want you happy and care very much about our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back or item replaced! Contact us and we will take care of you!
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PyleHealth Dental Floss Water Flosser, UltraClean Floss Irrigation System, Waterpik, Bathroom Accessories, Adjustable Water Pressure, Handheld Mouth Wash Irrigation System, Nozzle Attachment
CLEAN YOUR TEETH: Take control of your dental health with an efficient waterpik complete water floss system that you can keep on the countertop and use in your bathroom set as a better alternative to traditional flossing.
LAB TESTED: The PyleHealth ultra dental irrigator is lab tested and expertly designed to deliver professional results with your at-home complete oral care routine.
COMPLETE SET: Personalize your oral flosser and teeth cleaning experience with a variety of waterpik accessories. This machine includes an angled nozzle and four cleaning nozzle attachments. Does way more then your average dental kit can do.
1-YEAR WARRANTY: The UltraClean oral water jet dental flosser is backed with a one-year warranty and is guaranteed to improve your oral health.
REMOVING PLAQUE AND TARTAR NATURALLY: Say hello to clean teeth with the PyleHealth Water Flosser. The oral irrigator will floss your teeth and take out all bacteria. It is common for people to take their brushing very seriously, but then completely disregard the need to floss. As dental industry guidelines state, both are required for a high quality dental care routine. While brushing is great for getting at the surface of tooth enamel, a lot of debris and dirt accumulates in the corners. You simply cannot reach this with a regular brush. Just use the the Pik water floss mouth irrigator.
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