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10-07-2017 05:30 pm
ECTACO Partner 900 PRO Italian - English Voice Translator and Language Teacher
Voice Translator. Simply speak into Partner 900 PRO in English and have it translate what you say. Very effective way to connect with foreigners or locals in foreign countries.
Text Translation. Type in any text you want and have it translated right away. Have it pronounced for you with just the push of a button.
Featuring the innovative and robust hardware platform with a powerful CPU it allows the extreme flexibility while in use, has hi-resolution camera with Photo Translator program.
The 900 PRO is sure to become your favorite and the only language tool used FOR studies and leisure.
Photo Translator. Quickly snap a pic of any text you see and have it translated instantly, internet connection required.
Amazon Jinghua  
JWD Wearable Bluetooth Mini Voice/Photo Translator Ring, Portable Auto Real-Time Smart Translator for Learning, Travel, Shopping, Business, Support 16 Languages, Black
High Translation Accuracy: With high sensitive and fidelity, microphone/speaker will collect clearly what you say. Simultaneously, the device will translate it to the target language in up to 95% accuracy. No worries about the noises from party or exhibition any more. But we suggest the users speak slowly and fluently, especially choose more literary words to improve its Translation Accuracy.
Easy to Use: Keep pressing the star button while you speak, the electronic translator will translate what you say instantly in target language. Support PHOTO TRANSLATION. Take a photo with your phone, press the camera button and daub the text in it, the translator will translate and speak it out.
Fashion Design: Finger Ring Shaped Design, you could wear it on your finger to make it a cool way to communicate with foreigners. 2 flexible silicone straps are packd in the package, 1 big and 1 small, to fit your finger size.
Wearable and Handy: Tiny body at size 1.7*0.6*1.2in. You can wear this translator ring on your finger with flexible silicone strap, or hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket. Take it to anywhere with you to explore the mysterious world.
Support 16 Languages: As your personal interpretor, it knows English, Chinese, Cantonese, French, Canadian French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Korean and Thai.
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