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13-10-2018 12:30 am
Electrolux EL012B Electro H12 Hepa Filter (Package may vary)
Change filter up to every 6 months for optimum performance
Captures ninety nine percent of household dust
One filter per pack
Reduces allergens
0.3 microns
ELECTROLUX* Harmony*, Oxygen*, Ultra Silencer* (EL6980 and EL7060 Series), Oxygen 3* (EL7000-EL7020 Series), Twin Clean* (EL7050 Series), Silent Performer* (EL4000 Series), ErgoSpace* (EL4100 Series), Maximus* (EL4200 Series), UltraActive* (EL4300-EL4320 Series), UltraFlex* (EL4330 Series), JetMaxx* (EL4040 Series), Versatility (EL4050 Series), UltraCaptic* (EL4650 Series) and UltraOne* (EL7070-EL7080 Series) Canisters and select Uprights, including Aptitude* (EL5010 Series), Oxygen 3* (EL5030 Series) and Versatility* (EL8500 Series).
SANITAIRE* Quiet Clean (SC530 Series) Backpacks, Precision (SP5035 Series) Uprights, System Pro (SP5030, SP6950, SP6980, SP7020 Series) Uprights. EUREKA* 6140, 6933, Oxygen* (6230, 6990 series), Air Extreme* (6500 Series), Home Cleaning System (6970, 6980, 6990 Series) Whirlwind* (6510, 6980 Series), 6970-6990 Series Canisters. KENMORE* SE6981 Series Canisters.
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Houseables Film Canisters with Caps, 35MM Empty Camera Reel Containers, 60 Pack, White, 2" H, 1" W, Plastic, Films Developing Processing Tube, Roll Case, for Small Accessories, Beads, Alka Seltzer
TIGHT SEALING LID: 8 oz. opaque white film canisters with matching style lid. Used for a wide range of professional, educational, and recreational activities. The micro-precision fitted lid allows pressure to build up inside (which is why these canisters are commonly used for homemade Alka Seltzer rockets). Once the lid is secured, no liquid will escape or leak out, even when the container is aggressively shook or held upside down.
HIGH FLEXURAL STRENGTH: Each canister is made from high impact polypropylene (PP), known for its elasticity and strength. Identically sized as ordinary 35mm film canisters. Measures 2" high, 1" wide, and 1.22" in diameter. Non-toxic, odorless, recyclable, and eco-friendly container. Safely keeps film, food, liquids, and other potentially perishable items safe without leaking or becoming compromised from outside elements.
HIGHLY REUSABLE: These incredibly multipurpose plastic canisters are designed for consistent reuse without performance breakdown. The material is UV protected and withstands a wide temperature range, so cold and heat does not impact its contents. Liquids stay at full volume and non-liquids remain dry, even in the most humid conditions.
CHOOSE BETWEEN SETS OF 15 AND 60: Bulk purchases offer greater value to photographers, educators, green thumbs, travelers, and anyone looking for simple but valuable storage containers. Canisters are a time-tested tool for storing first aid materials, sewing supplies, seedlings, aaa batteries, spices and seasonings and herbal supplements, loose change, and -- image this -- undeveloped film and/or film negatives
SCIENCE, ART, DIY, OH MY: Whether you're conducting a series of Dr. Frankenstein-esque experiments or simply organizing craft supplies, Houseables' film canisters can assist with the coordi
Houseables Film Canisters with Caps, 35MM Empty Camera Reel Containers, 60 Pack,
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