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20-08-2017 12:31 pm
Emergency Personal Security Alarm keychain,iDaye 120DB Imitation carbon fiber Mosaic Safety Guard Supplies,Self-Defens Siren,Protection Device work for kids/elderlies/owls and adults,Bag Decoration
120DB Loud SOS Alarm: Loud enough and it would make anyone nearby pay attention to the alarm,you are rest assured it is just loud enough to attract attention but not hurt your ears.
Mosaic Design:The Mosaic-Round-Shaped fashion design,fitting pattern and suitable for bags of any types(for both men and women). Such a small fashion item will not draw the attention of attackers or intruders.
Easy to Use:Plug and play,take out and stop.It's also a good choice for kids/women/elderlies/men/night runners/owls/night workers.
Note: Please carefully check if the product is in good condition before use.If it has been damaged,please do not open and repair it by yourself.Just contact vendors in time for new alternatives.
Package: 1 * personal alarm,1 * manual.We provide 12-month warranty about any fault caused by non-artificial reasons.Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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WER Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain for Women, Kids, Girls, Superior, Explorer Self Defense Electronic Device Bag Decoration(4 PCS)
120dB Loud Alarm: it sounds great , it can draw people's attention even in a far distance. An ideal self defense alarm for adventurer who is in dangerous situation. 120 dB alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker, if you need help or in troubles, please take this amazing alarm. The sounds could last almost 40 minutes with no harm to the ears.
Unique Design: Black color and special dedicate painting style make this alarm more unique and fashionable while providing self defense protection. The alarm can be reused, Non-disposable product. Also the battery is replaceable.
Many use: Ideal for Students, Jogger, Elderly, Kids, Women, Night workers. It's also a security necessary supply for traveling, hiking, camping and walking the dogs. The design and function is ideal for all ages.
Easy and Convenient for use: As parents, you need buy this things to protect your kids in emergency. This product is small in size but big help in emergency, portable and easy to use. Can be Attached on Backpack, Belt Loops, Suitcases, keys, dog Leash.... Looks Smart and Fashionable. Keychain design is perfect for use with house keys or car keys.
High Quality: This personal alarm is made of environmental material, won't break in your most adverse conditions. It is very much useful. Size: 68 * 42 * 23mm; Net weight: 25g * 4.
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[Upgrade]Beetle Ladybug Personal Alarm Keychain Wolf Alarms 130DB Self Defense SOS Emergency Safety Sirens for Women/Elderly/Kids/Adventurer/Night Workers/Explorer with Led Flashlight Anti Wolf Alarms
【Easy To Use】: Pull out the bolt, the alarm will ring great loudly with a high pitch cry for "HELP!!", as well as Red and Blue light flashes quickly in turns. Plug in the bolt, the alarm will stop sound immediately; no matter who you are and where you are, 130DB - SUPER SOUND This alarm is very loud! While in the situation, or wherever you need help, it will draw much attention from people who are even far away (and scare anyone away who are not there to help).
【Long Life Lithium Battery-Save Your Money】: Automatic power-saving, 60 minutes total Alarm use or about 4 hours total continuous playback of music (100% charge), this one uses 300mA USB rechargeable lithium battery and no extra money needed, also save energy. Use Premium ABS Material High temperature resistance, broken-resistant, waterproof.
【Super-Bright Flash Lights】: Press the light button once, it gives off white light for illumination, it's not only a flashlight. Just the thing you need when trying to find that small item at the bottom of your bag or even that keyhole late at night or distracting the attacker's sight. Long press the light button, the alarm gives off SOS distress signal flash light crying for help.
【Built-in Speaker】: The speaker makes it clear articulate, with 3.5 mm audio input interface which could be connected to more equipments, also easily connected to universal audio devices such as mobile phone. You should connect the audio cable with your mobile phone, then you can listen to music or something else. Please notice there is no bluetooth function.
[Attention Notice Please]: you will get Personal Alarm Safety. and we prepare other similar products, you can enter our store, you will find much more great perfect products!good luck shopping!
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130DB Emergency Personal Security Sirens Safety Wolf Alarm Portable Self-Defense Safe sound Keychain SOS Devices With LED Flashlight Ideal Gift For Women Kids Girls Elderly Tracker (Black)
Unique Designed - Mini Portable Emergency Personal Alarm Key-chain,it is the best decoration and gift for children or girls.Especially for the women and children.It is the perfect attachment to your handbag, belt or school bag. Such a small fashion item will not draw the attention of attackers or intruders.
130DB Loud SOS Alarm - This alarm is loud! but not hurt your ears.Even in a long distance (up to 185 meters ).In a dangerous situation, or just one where you need help.Ultra loud alarm for you to draw attention and get help in time even in a long distance.
The design and function is ideal for all ages: Personal Alarm Keychain fit for students, jogger, elderly, kids, women and night workers, good for all ages; Also necessary for traveling, hiking, camping and walking the dog etc..
Low Power Consumption and easy to you- Four replaceable button batteries included in the package.To sound the reusable alarm, simply pull out the switch pin from the device. Push the pin back in to stop the sound. The child-friendly alarm is a self-defense option for any age.The alarm can be reused, Non-disposable product.
Multipurpose Flashlight:It's helpful enough to find small items at the bottom of your bag or even keyhole late at night! It's also such a strong flashlight,In a dangerous situation, you could use frashlight to direct shoo at bad guy's eyes.
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Personal Alarm,130DB Safety Emergency Self-Defense Security Alarms with LED Flashlight,Safesound Portable Porsonal Alarm Keychain for Women Kids Elderly Students Night Workers(Blue)
LOUDER SIREN SONG ALARM - Personal safety alarm with 130dB, sounds loudly to draw people's attention even in a far distance. Emergency alarm draws power from button cells, is ideal choice for all people as self defense weapon.
PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - Portable personal alarm can disguise as a bag decoration while serves as a self-defence and a mini flashlight, you can carry it on your backpack, ladies bag, belt loops, schoolbag, suitcases etc.
EASY TO ACTIVATE - Pull the ripcord to activate the personal alarm, and insert it back to stop it, or you can press the side button to activate the emergency security alarm with one hand in case in danger.Ideal for all ages: students, elderly, kids, women, joggers, etc. It's also a security necessity for traveling, hiking, camping come across dangerous situation and need others help.
LED FLASHLIGHT - Bright white LED mini flashlight for low light emergency illumination and can help you in darkness.With automatic power-saving design and 3 free high quality battries,this portable alarm keychain is super duarable.
PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 x Pink Personal Alarm, 6 x LR44 batteries(3 inside & 3 for backup),1 x User Manual,60-Day Money-Back without reason & 1-Year Warranty by DREACOTR.Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
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