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25-05-2017 02:31 pm
Epic Dental Assorted Xylitol Mints, 500 2-Piece Packets
Epic Mints are packed with more cavitiy-crushing xylitol than any other brand!
Get your dentist-recommend daily 6 grams of xylitol with just a few pieces of Epic Mints
Individually-wrapped pieces are perfect for sample distribution
4 Delicious Flavors: Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Fresh Fruit
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Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash Formula Pack of 2 (16 Oz.) Certified Non-Toxic & Dentist Recommended Less Dry Mouth in Two Weeks or Less
Saliva Flow : Xerostomia, Halitosis, Sjogren's Disease and Dry Mouth are all caused by lack of saliva production in the mouth. Mouth breathers, denture wearers, and those on daily medication may also experience Dry Mouth symptoms. Our unique mouth rinse combines organic aloe vera, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and cayenne pepper oil to stimulate saliva flow with no harsh chemicals, no preservatives, no triclosan, no artificial dyes or colors, and no stinging or burning!
Dentist Formulated & Recommended: Oral Essentials Dry Mouth Mouthwash was created by 2 internationally recognized dentists as a moisturizer for oral tissues and mouth relief for those individuals suffering from Dry Mouth. Over time, Dry Mouth can lead to rampant tooth decay, costing you thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental work! Stop Dry Mouth in its tracks by swishing 1 capful of the mouth rinse vigorously 2-4 times daily (depending on needs of the individual) for 1-2 minutes a day.
Soothing Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil : Aloe Vera is the oldest natural medicinal plant on record. It has been used for it's soothing properties for thousands of years. Today it is most widely used on sunburns as a calming agent. Coconut Oil also exhibits the same moisturizing effects in the mouth. Both are ULTRA-moisturizing and are effective role in lubricating the oral tissues.
Xylitol & Essential Oils : Xylitol has been used for decades all over the world in preventing oral cavities. This healthy alternative to sugar substitutes works with the salivary gland to clean teeth, and oral tissues. We use Non-GMO xylitol made from Birch Trees. Our Essential Oils freshen breath by breaking up plaque. These ingredients combine to make our product both great and great tasting! Use in conjunction with lozenges, sprays, pills, mints or gels.
Alcohol Free : Denatured Alcohol dries out oral t
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Oral Essentials Fresh Breath Toothpaste (Pack of 2) 3.5 Oz Dentist Formulated & Certified Non- Toxic NO Fluoride, SLS, Artificial Flavors (Safe for the Entire Family) Fresher Breath in 2 Weeks or Less
SAFE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! Our entire line of oral care products are SLS Free, Fluoride Free, sulfate free, vegan, and contain no artificial colors or flavors. That makes these products uniquely safe for kids of all ages. Instead of using harsh chemicals for teeth cleaning we rely on Dead Sea salt, French Essential Oils, Non-GMO Xylitol, Organic Aloe Vera, to promote fresh breath and healthy gums.
DENTIST FORMULATED & RECOMMENDED! Oral Essentials is the first mainstream dentist formulated and recommended toothpaste that is dye free, preservative free with no fluoride, or toxic ingredients! In fact, we use vegetable glycerin instead of the industry standard, petroleum based glycerin to ensure our products not only leave your teeth feeling cleaner and sparklier than ever, but that they are ethical, and good for you!
NATURAL DEAD SEA SALT TOOTHPASTE! A salt toothpaste may seem a little out-of-the-box for most people, but the benefits of Dead Sea Salt made it a no-brainer for us! Not only does it fight bad breath, but it also has the highest concentration of minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium) of any salt in the world. These minerals do a lot! They bind together to strengthen teeth, and even have a slight whitening effect over time.
ESSENTIAL OILS AND XYLITOL! A fresh mouth is best accomplished with these 2 key ingredients. Essential Oils work to break up plaque and make our mint flavored toothpaste taste GREAT. Xylitol is a naturally derived sugar alternative that bacteria can't process, which means it may reduce the risk of tooth decay. This ingredient has been used for decades all over the world to help prevent cavities and sweeten oral care products, and is respected as one of the best sugars for your teeth and gums!
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4K Action Camera,Wewdigi HK9000 4K Sports Action Camera Ultra HD 30m Waterproof WiFi 16MP DV Camcorder 170 Degree Wide 2 inch LCD Screen/ Remote Control/ (black)
【100% 4K HD Action Camera 】Sony sensor,this action camera will record your video footage in 4K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second and capture images at 16 megapixels. With a wide angle 170 degree lens, you won't miss out on any background details. The support of 64GB on an Micro SD card will let you store all your photos and videos right on the camera. Accurately Capture Every Epic View And Exciting Moment For You.
【Wireless Remote Control】Up to 10 meters (33ft), Wi-Fi connectivity lets you connect with smart devices without any wires. It also allows you monitor in real-time, review videos/photos on your Smartphone, set camera feature and record modes. Put the remote control on your wrist and accqurie ultra-convenient control for hiking,biking, skiing,bungee Dash Cam and more
【100 Feet Waterproof】Equipped with durable IP68 waterproof case, it is ideal for water sports like Swimming,Diving,Drifting, Surfing and More. If you are a fan of water sports or are interested in making some stunning underwater footage, this waterproof sports action cam is just what you need. Also comes with some frequently used free accessories to fit various indoor and outdoor activities.
【Special Portable Package】A specialized portable package makes it convenient for you to take and keep the camera as well as its accessories during your trip.In addition to the waterproof case, you will get helmet mount kit,4 zip ties, 3 straps, one bicycle mount and more.Also,a write remote control and a carrying case.
【Versatile Shooting Mode】Include the video mode, photo mode, burst photo mode, time lapse mode, snapshot the very moment while video recording available. Compatible with ios devices and android devices.Easily control the camera and manage the photos & videos on your phone.
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