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GoodtoU Diameter 5inch Exhaust Hose for Air Conditioner - AC Vent Hose Counterclockwise Plus Stainless Steel Buckle Extend Length 59 Inch Fit for Portable AC Air Conditioner
Buy With Confidence - If you are not satisfactory with GootoU's Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose, please feel free to contact us, we will give you full refund AT ONCE.
Exhaust Vent Hose Diameter is 5inch /13cm, The length can be stretched to 59 inch. Fits for various portable air conditioners using 5" diameter hose.
When Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose in use, gently extend the vent hose, connect the existing hose, align with both ends, and insert into position.
Please check your air conditioner models before purchasing. The Exhaust Hose is Counterclockwise, and the package include the stainless steel buckle could tighten the hose.
The Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose is made of polypropylene. Heavy Plastic is very good quality. Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose can stretch up to 2,000 times.
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Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose, Extended AC Air Vent Kit | 5.9 inch Diameter, Extra Large, Extends up to 78 inch Length, Universal Compatibility | Counterclockwise, Easy to Install, Durable
<p><b>THE BEST WAY TO KEEP YOUR SPACE COOL</b> - If you're looking to replace the air conditioning window kit for your portable AC, you have come to the right place. Made from durable,non-toxic polypropylene this extended hose is compatible with most portable AC with 5.9-inch diameter and can be extended to up to 78 inches in length, it is flexible enough to meet most desired needs<br></p>
<p><b>EXTEND THE RANGE OF YOUR PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER </b>- If you decided to go to the route of portable air conditioners you need to find the perfect hose portable air conditioner with an extended length to be able to place your AC a few extra feet away from the window and efficiently remove heated air for the room to be cooled, that extra range will definitely make a difference during hot season<br></p>
<p><b>EASY TO ATTACH</b> -You just need to follow simple steps to start using the new hose, gently extend out the exhaust hose to meet up with the existing hose, line up with both ends,snap into place, when installing, please rotate the hose anticlockwise to complete the process, please make sure the size is compatible to your room portable air conditioner model before your purchase<br></p>
<p><b>ENSURE YOUR UNIT WORKS EFFICIENTLY</b> - Running a portable air conditioner without using an exhaust hose will cause the area behind the unit to get very hot, so instead of cooling, the room, you may end up increasing the heat. When it comes to properly vent your air conditioning units we can offer you the best solution<br></p>
<p><b>TRY OUR PRODUCTRISK-FREE</b> - Product quality and customers satisfaction are our priority, we devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every client. If you are not happy with our heavy duty hose simply cont
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Abigoa Exhaust Hose for Portable Air Conditioner | Premium 5 Inch Diameter Universal Size | 79 Inch Extra Long | Counterclockwise Thread | Portable Room AC Units Vent Hose
✔ EXTRA LONG, EXTEND AND SHORTEN FREELY - This AC hose is extendable and shortenable, the shortended length is 19 inches/48cm and fully extended length up to approx 79 inches/200cm, extra long and easily make your portable air conditioner move to any places and cool your room as needed
✔ UNIVERSAL SIZE - The hose diameter 5 inches/13cm is outer edge to outer edge diameter, which fits to various portable AC models as long as your units are using same diameter hose, both ends of the hose are counter-clockwise thread , i.e. the installation direction to the connector and adapter are anti-clockwise
✔ VERY EASY TO INSTALL - Gently pull to extend both ends of the hose then screw your hose connector and window adapter onto both ends respectively by turning counterclockwise, then attach or slide one end to the exhaust on the rear of the unit, and the other end to the slot on the window kit until both ends securely snap in place. refer to product description column below for the installation processes on details
✔ FRIENDLY REMINDER AND TIPS - The hose diameter 5 inches/13cm is outer edge to outer edge diameter, both ends are counter-clockwise thread and you need to ensure the twisting direction to your connector and adapter is anti-clockwise. if you're not sure about the size, check your owner's manual or measure the exhaust outlet for sure prior to purchase. buy with confidence and 100% satisfaction guarantee, add to cart immediately and enjoy a cooling summer right away
✔【To Buyers : the seller Fly Warrior , A.L.P & Eden Merchandise are hijackers and sold counterfeits , Pls pay attention to their counterfeits when purchasing】 PREMIUM QUALITY - This air exhaust hose is built with high quality durable polypropylene material and built-in steel wire. excellent flexible, portable and heat resistant performanc
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Portable ac exhaust hose: Replacement AC hose for air conditioners, 5.12 inch W x 78'' L (EXTRA LONG) air conditioner tube, ac duct, fits most indoor & room ac units: Sharp, Whynter, honeywell, vent
FED UP OF YOUR SHORT AC HOSE? Move your portable ac unit freely around your room with our extra long indoor air conditioner exhaust hose. This hose measures 5.12'' (5 inch) diameter X 72" length. Flexible airconditioner vent hose / long portable ac duct for a floor ac unit.
EASY TO ATTACH UNIVERSAL EXHAUST HOSE FITS MOST PORTABLE AIR CONDITIONER MODELS - All you need to do is measure your portable a c unit to ensure it has the same 5.12 inch (5'') diameter hose air outlet/exit point. We've also included an additional metal buckle included to allow clockwise & counterclockwise assembly. Attach with ease, just simply line it up & screw on.
MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, TEMPERATURE RESISTANT, ENERGY EFFICIENT, STRETCH & SHRINK, POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL - Our ac vent hose enables hot air to be safely exhausted from back of the unit and vented outside via a window, wall or existing duct work. A truly flexible exhaust hose.
PLEASE MEASURE YOUR AC UNIT VENT BEFORE BUYING (IT SHOULD MEASURE 5.12 INCH OUTER EDGE TO OUTER EDGE) THIS VENT HOSE IS COMPATIBLE WITH MOST STANDARD 5'' INDOOR AIR CONDITIONER MAKES AND MODELS - LG portable ac exhaust hose, Delonghi air conditioner exhaust hose, Sharp air conditioner hose, LG air conditioner parts, honeywell portable air conditioners and more. Simply check the measurement on your AC unit.
BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - We're a family run business who specialise in commercial and residential AC maintenance repair & parts. We also specialise in portable air conditioner accessories / portable air conditioner parts for a standing air conditioner / portable room air conditioner / portable air conditioners for rooms / indoor ac unit / portable air conditioner 14000 btu / portable air conditioner 10000 btu and various portable ac parts.
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Fitfirst 400CM Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner and Tumble Dryer, Soft Cloth Sealing Baffle for Push and Pull Window Seal, Easy to Install
NO MORE HOT AIR COME IN - The window seal locks the hose between the window frame and the window itself, keeps the hot air coming from the hose away and never come inside. It creates a closed environment to helping Increase cooling performance and reduces energy consumption.
ISOLATION OF INSECT AND RAIN - Window seal made of durable nylon material, prevents the return flow of warm exhaust air into the room and keep insects, mosquitoes mouse and rain out.
EASY INSTALLATION - No need other additional tools. Just few step to install the window seal. Apply the adhesive hook tape to the inside of your window frame. Attach the window seal to the hook tape. Then open the zip on the window seal and place your air conditioner hose out of the window. At the end, close the zip tightly around the hose. After installation, the window can be closed as usual.
SUITABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF WINDOW - Fitfirst Window Seal is suitable for any type of windows whatever it opens to the left or right, bottom hung or skylights, even sliding door(height below 4 M). And perfectly use for all portable air conditioners and tumble dryers regardless of manufacturer.
NOTE - The Fitfirst window seal does fit for a range of 4 meters at least. It means the sum of three sides of the window shoulder should less than 4 meters. Please measure the length of your window before buying.
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