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27-06-2018 07:32 am
Fesciory Women Men Solar System Bracelet Universe Galaxy The Eight Planets Guardian Star Natural Stone Beads Bracelet Bangle for Girls(2 Pcs Set)
Women Men Girls handmade solar system bracelet has a very creative design whereby you act like the sun and all the planets are around you turn up!
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This bracelet has two styles, one is with elastic string, another is braided by the wax rope. Wax rope braided bracelet is adjustable,its minimum size is 6.2 inches, the maximum size is 9.5 inches.Elastic string bracelet inner length is 6.25 inches and it is elastic.Suitable for most people.
The Eight Planets Stone Include:Neptune-Lapis Lazuli;Uranus-Aquamarine;Saturn-Labradorite;Jupiter-Tiger Eye Stone;Mars-Red Agate;Earth-Blue Emperor Stone;Moon-Opal;Venus-Gold Foil Bead;Mercury-White Jade
It is for Unisex,can wear on both women and men.When you wear it, you are the sun, all the eight planets revolve around you.
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TechComm Jupiter 4GB Android 2D Video Glasses Bluetooth Wi-Fi Touch Screen
The TechComm Jupiter 2D video glasses are designed for you to experience the immersion into a movie or a video game in the comfort of your own home. Who cares how big the screen of your TV is if you can watch movies and videos in 2D on the 80-inch virtual screen? It no longer requires magic to expand your world beyond your room, just put on these glasses and go on a quest!
Experience great quality audio and video. The Android OS supports an impressive number of video and audio formats, and the LRC lyric synchronization. Choose from a variety of music styles, whether you fancy pop, rock, heavy metal or any other type of music.
Operate the Jupiter 2D video glasses with your voice or use the intuitively designed touch screen with virtual keyboard. If you have a Bluetooth mouse, you can use it with the Jupiter as well. If you do not, this might be a good time to acquire one. The Bluetooth mouse is not included.
Download and enjoy your favorite Google Play Store apps (choose from thousands of available apps). Insert a microSD card for up to 32GB to store movies, audio and video files and access them anywhere without the need for connection. Alternatively, the Jupiter can connect with a variety of devices via Bluetooth and WiFi, which ensures effortless pairing with Bluetooth keyboards, game controllers, and so on.
The handsome appearance of the Jupiter 2D video glasses only adds up to their functionality. The glasses are made of high-quality plastic composite, and are equipped with an elastic strap and a soft leather eye patch. We use the best quality materials to ensure you will be comfortable in these glasses and will not be sore after hours of entertainment. And here is a piece of even better news: the unique optical design is harmless to your eyes.
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