Amazon Fire Maul Tools  
29-06-2020 05:30 am
FireWrap Grip Kit - Glow Green
The FireWrap Grip Kit is a simple to install three-part system that features our lacing rings, fiber tape and liquid grip.
Custom Lacing Rings provide the perfect ridge support for the user. When used on a striking tool like an axe, the lacing rings help lock the fingers in place to prevent slipping. When used on a push-pull tool like a NY hook, the lacing rings provide resistance in both directions to allow the user to loosen their grip and to reduce fatigue.
Permanent Fiber Tape is specially designed to have a tighter weave and a stronger fiber in order to provide the ultimate durability. It is then embedded with a water activated industrial resin. The end result is a wrap that is hard as concrete and just as durable.
Signature liquid grip is specifically formulated to provide texture, tact and durability. Our custom base coat provides a rubberized feel once dried, this provide the tact. The texture is achieved by adding the perfect amount of grit to our base coat. This combination allows the user to have a secure grip in the most adverse of conditions.
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