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29-03-2018 01:31 pm
Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Gourmet Chocolate Eggs Gift Box, Individually Wrapped, 18 pc.
A delightful and delicious Easter treat: 18 assorted mini foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.
Perfect for decorating Easter baskets and tables, our 18 piece Chocolate Eggs Gift Box is filled with delicious chocolate eggs, each individually wrapped in vibrant color foil!
An Easter treat to be savored and shared: 18 assorted mini foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in a variety of milk and dark chocolate flavors.
Delight everyone this Spring Season with our 18-piece box of Chocolate Eggs wrapped in colorful bright foil.
A delightful and delicious Easter treat for parties, holiday gatherings, and more, our Mini Foil Egg Gift Box is filled with 18 assorted mini foil-wrapped eggs in festive colors and fabulous flavors.
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Cover for Kobo Aura One e-Book Reader 7.8 Inch Smart Slim Case Book Cover Stand Flip (Brown) NEW
IN HARMONY OF DESIGN & SAFETY: take the ultra-modern cover, hand over the high-quality workmanship and feel the special quality and perfection! Feel the stability of the protective cover. Do not worry about eBook protection anymore. With this case, you can personalize your e-book style and protect it from falls, dust and scratches.
FUNCTIONS: Increase the life of your battery! The SLEEP & WAKE FUNCTION puts your tablet into the idle mode and contributes significantly to the ACCOMMODATION. Due to the MAGNETIC CONNECTION, the Ebook remains safely in the protective bag. The front cover forms with the backcover a unit.
MATERIALS & PROCESSING: The PU synthetic leather bag is made of ROBUST MATERIALS, which will fulfill their service reliably and durably. Sturdy patterns of the artificial leather cover meet with long lasting colors. The anti-scratch INTERFACE made of MICROFASER ensures comfort and ideal screen protection. The round protection is completed by the plastic hardcase.
FEATURES: The specially developed SmartCase is manufactured exactly for the specified e-reader. The bag has precise cutouts for connections. Our range also includes: case, case, bag, foil, armored glass, reflective film and silicone cover. Just have a look at our shop.
SERVICE: Our IMMEDIATE LOCATION will be within 24 hours! We ship our goods quickly and uncomplicated from GERMANY. The goods will be sent directly from our warehouse after quality control. Customer Satisfaction We Wrote GREAT. Our SUPPORT TEAM is available for regular business hours. In addition, you can contact us by email around the clock.
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