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06-10-2018 09:32 am
Gogolan Womens Mens Beaded Bracelets Stone Lava Rock Healing Balance Round Braided
Amethyst - stone of spirituality and contentment,balancesenergies of the intellectual,emotional and physical bodies,bestows stability,strength,invigoration and peace,soothing,calming and tranquilizinginfluence,assists in the assimilation of new ideas
This is very popular Chakra Stone Bracelet,exclusive for fans.Also,it can be a good gift to your lover,children,family.friend.Good for going party or banquet
India yoga philosophy holds that the chakras exist in the body,in charge of physical functioning.7 Chakra Stone Bracelet means a whole life cycle,balances all chakras,regulate bodily function
Great Meditation Bead,when you wear it,it promotes beauty,health,good luck,and healing.It is a great gift for your best friend,significant other,or anyone who enjoys handmade fine jewelry
Size:Adjustable size using sliding knot closure,drawstring design
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