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15-11-2017 08:31 am
Gourmet Turkey Brine Kit, All-In-One System For Creating A Fine Dining Experience, Includes Spiced Brine, Smokey Pepper and Herb Rub and Heavy Duty BPA Free Brine Bag
Cook a Perfect Moist and Juicy Turkey That Will Have Your Guests Coming Back For More and Wondering How You Made Such a Delicious Gourmet Turkey! Brining is the Secret that Many Great Chefs Use For a Fine Dining Experience- Say Goodbye to Dry Turkey!
Flavorful Spiced Brine To Soak Your Turkey In- Just Add Water and Your Turkey. Delicious Smokey Pepper and Herb Rub Mixture to Add to Your Turkey After Brining. Sprinkle on Turkey Just Before Roasting or Deep Frying.
Heavy Duty BPA Free and FDA Approved Brining Bag to Brine Your Turkey, Pork, or Favorite Meat In.
All Natural, Kosher and Gluten Free.
You Will Receive A Complete All-In-One System That Includes: Brine Mixture, Herb Rub and Heavy Duty Brining Bag. Good For Turkeys Up To 25 Pounds.
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