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08-12-2017 04:31 am
Hearty Breakfast Meats Gift Assortment from The Swiss Colony
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Includes Honey Ham Summer Sausage and Beef Summer Sausage with Sage
Pepper Seasoned and Hickory Smoked Bacon and Maple Ham Breakfast Links
2 lbs. 6 oz. net wt.
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Ray’s Country Ham - 2 1/4 lb. 3-Pack - Blue Ridge Mountain Cured
☆ THE COUNTRY HAM DIFFERENCE ☆ - If you are looking for North Carolina/Virginia natural aged salt & air cured Country Ham, you will find Ray's Original Style Blue Ridge Mountain Cured County Ham to be FIVE STARS! You can expect our ham to be saltier than today's honey cured 'city hams,' and pairs with salads or other recipes calling for its Italian cousin prosciutto! SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to those seeking the traditional taste of genuine Country Ham!
☆ A TASTE FROM ANOTHER PLACE IN TIME ☆ - Ray Goad was the original pioneer of the fast food "breakfast" serving his famous Country Ham biscuits. Now you can share with your family that traditional flavor of authentic Country Ham with free delivery.
☆ TRADITIONAL COUNTRY CURED HAM. ☆ - The best Country Ham harks back to the way food was preserved on the family farms of Appalachia before electricity and refrigeration. Methods handed from one generation to another curing hams naturally by rubbing them with salt, and sugar, and other spices creating that distinctive taste that can only be described as Country Ham.
☆ SURPRISE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY WITH A GIFT OF COUNTRY HAM ☆ - Sharing of good food is our way of showing we care. When families relocate, often they can't find the foods and tastes they remember and long for. Ray's aged dry-cured Country Ham will bring back that familiar aroma and taste of home we never forget.
☆ EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES CENTER SLICE AND END CUTS OF THE BEST PREMIUM QUALITY COUNTRY HAM. ☆ - Those who know how real Country Ham tastes, choose Ray's Country Ham slices knowing it comes from a family dedicated to this traditional artisanal craft for nearly 75 years!
Ray’s Country Ham - 2 1/4 lb. 3-Pack - Blue Ridge Mountain Cured ☆ THE COUNTRY H
Ad Astra Food and Drink  
Hey Rodeo Fans!!! Our Ad Astra Kitchen is rallying for a fantastic Rodeo Thursday Night! We've created this special menu for YOU! For Thursday, 5-9pm, special menu only!

Mozzarella Sticks. $6
Jalapeno Poppers. $6
French Fries
Plain: $5
Loaded w/Cottonwood cheddar cheese, ranch & bacon $7
Sweet Potato Fries $5

BBQ Chicken Pizza topped with jalapenos, pineapple, and smoked chicken. $13

Grilled halibut salad with avocado aioli mixed greens red cabbage and Pico De Gallo Market Price

ENTREES (served with choice of side)
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with Swiss cheese and fried onion. $12

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich topped with Swiss cheese and fried onion. $12

Smoked Ribs - Market Price for 1/2 and full slab

Ribeye (12oz.) and roasted new potatoes $26

BBQ Chicken Legs with roasted new potatoes. $15

Cowboy Burger topped with an onion ring, fried onions, American and Swiss cheeses
Beef: $12
Bison: $14

Brinner Burger (that's breakfast/dinner) topped with a fried egg and hash brown
Beef: $12
Bison: $14

Prairie Burner Burger topped with spicy cheese, spicy mayo, jalapenos, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion
Beef: $13
Bison: $15

Sweet Potato Burger topped with roasted red pepper, goat cheese,spinach, bbq balsamic $11

• Sweet fries
• French fries
• Grilled corn on the cob
• Corn Bread Muffin
• House Salad: mixed greens, cabbage, peppers, onion, tomato, cucumber and sunflower seeds($1 upcharge)

Don’t forget dessert, cowboys and cowgirls!
Hey Rodeo Fans!!! Our Ad Astra Kitchen is rallying for a fantastic Rodeo Thursd
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