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07-07-2018 10:00 am
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Anna Sheffield  
Congratulations to Jennifer + Chad, married with an Oval Attelage with a White Diamond Halo, and a French Cut Attelage band, with white gold and Montana sapphires! Their story, in Jennifer's words...

"Chad and I both grew up in the small town of Martinsville, VA. We were middle school sweethearts and although our paths went various ways for the next decade, we always remained friends. When we are together, we feel home: comfort, peace, and unshakable love.

After our engagement on October 29th, 2016, we wanted to find a ring that represented our relationship. I love beautiful jewelry, but I love the story behind a beautiful piece of art even more.

Soon after we were engaged, I found Anna Sheffield online and was drawn to her designs. I found myself telling stories about her rings, and I became a part of a story when I saw an array of Montana sapphires on her Instagram.

When I saw them, one word came to mind: Howard. Howard Stone, a close childhood friend from Martinsville, was taken too early from the Earth at 19. His favorite place in the world was Montana. I still see his arms outstretched in a photo taken of him standing on top of a mountain, eyes twinkling.

The wedding band that Anna created honors our past. When Chad placed the Montana sapphire-filled wedding band on my finger on August 5th, 2017, I thought of Howard. I will be reminded of the fragility of our time here on Earth and how I must cherish each and every moment I have with the beautiful, sweet soul standing before me.

The engagement ring celebrates our present and future. I love how it has two individual bands, connected by a stunning center stone. Chad and I are remarkably different. Using two bands in the engagement rings and two different metals in the ring set will remind me to celebrate our differences. What makes us compatible is our love for each other.

We were childhood sweethearts and adoring friends; now, loving soul mates committed to sharing a life together. Thank you for creat
Congratulations to Jennifer + Chad, married with an Oval Attelage with a White D
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