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10-05-2017 07:30 am
HP 950XL/951 High Yield Black and Standard C/M/Y Color Ink Cartridges (Pack of 4)
950 XL yields up to 2,300 pages 951 yields up to 700 pages per cartridg
Fade-resistant color provides superior results and brilliant, true-to-life images that last for generations
Combo pack includes a High Yield Black, Standard Cyan, Magenta and Yellow print cartridges
High-quality cartridges print everything the way you wanted and are perfect for everyday printing applications
Amazon SecureRefrig  
Keyless Refrigerator Lock System for a Single Door
Keep unauthorized people from accessing your refrigerator without interfering with your use. No stick-on hasps, no fumbling around with keys and paddle locks. No unsightly cables. All you see is the easy to read; lighted keypad. Just a quick four digit code punched in and you have access. The SecureRefrig system is the premier digital keyless entry system.
The SecureRefrig system was originally designed to help stop the catastrophic damage being done to teens and their families by locking up alcohol they and their underage friends have access to while their parents are away. Since then it has been utilized for almost any application you can think of. From people afflicted with Prader Willi Syndrome or Alzheimer's disease to medical facilities, laboratories, hotels, schools, you name it.
Everything you need is included with every system. Actually, we include more than you need to give the system the flexibility to fit a huge variety of applications and make it easier to install Step by step instructions with 38 pages over 5200 words and 40 illustrations are also included with every system.  Our objectives are flawless installations and lifelong operation.
The SecureRefrig system comes in different formats. This system locks a single door on a refrigerator/freezer. Check our other listings to find double door models as well as systems that lock regular household or commercial doors.
The SecureRefrig system uses a magnetic lock with no moving parts to bind or wear out. SecureRefrig magnetic locks offer silent and failsafe operation. They operate on low voltage and offer up to a 600 lb holding force. The lighted keypad can be programmed with different access codes as often as you like. It can also be set to stay unlocked from 1 to 99 seconds after the access code is entered, giving you the convenience of opening the door several times without repeatedly punching in the code.
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