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14-11-2017 06:31 am
Hummustir: Organic Hummus, Village. Fresh Hummus, Anytime, Anywhere,4 Pack
USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan and made with quality ingredients
No preservatives, fillers or stabilizers
Only 45 calories per serving
Rip, roll, stir - three simple steps to fresh hummus
Enjoy it at home, or take it on-the-go
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Immersion Blender, Aicok Hand Blender Set 3-in-1 Multifunctional Mixer With Chopper, Whisk, Beaker Attachment 5-Speed Smart Stick Blender for Sauce and Smoothies, 350Watt, Food Grade Stainless Steel
✔3-in-1 MULTI-FUNCTIONS HAND BLENDER - This is a set that comes with an immersion blender, mini chopper, and a whisk three uses in one product. It handles to many tasks from making banana ice cream, to chopping veggies, and making hummus, blending soups, and much more.
✔ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND SHARP BLADE STICK BLENDER - 5 settings and two speeds at each setting, there is plenty of power for the home kitchen. You can use it and grind or slice the product in just one click because the blades are so sharp. Great job of blending your soups into a wonderful creaminess without any leftover chunks.
✔ERGONOMIC HANDLE SAFE AND STURDY - Comfort grip handle and ergonomically designed stainless steel body which allows easy control over the blender. And the black plastic bottoms on the containers that keep the container from slipping as you blend. With the little heavy stick, it is better balanced.
✔EASY TO CLEAN AND DISHWASHER SAFE - As the all the washable parts easily detach from the motor, it is much easier to clean. You could remove the slip grips before washing in the dishwasher, safety!
✔POWERFUL AND STABLE - 350-Watt this blender is so much more powerful. You would really like it for quick blending drinks and soups. Its strong enough to lightly jerk when you power it up. 2 years warranty.
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Marino Inverted Umbrella - Reverse Folding Inside Out Upside Down Umbrella - Rain Unbreakable Windproof Umbrella - UV Protection - Village
C-SHAPED HANDLE - Marino's car umbrella is a new style umbrella that measures 32" long and features a unique hands-free C-shape handle. Holding a big umbrella in the rain is a straining task. The ultra-comfort handle on the upside down umbrella is designed in a C shape to allow you to multi task and do just about anything while carrying the all weather umbrella hands free and remaining completely dry.
CAR-FRIENDLY - The Marino Avenue Car Umbrella folds the reverse way to prevent the usual splash of rain as you enter or exit your car. The inverted umbrella folds upward leaving the rain water in the inward folding umbrella rather than wetting your car floor like the usual rain umbrella. Marino's car-friendly nice umbrella also serves as a sun umbrella.
SELF- STANDING - The reverse closing umbrella is Designed with a special top for a convenient self-standing option. An end to leaning wet umbrellas on walls! Simply let the upside down umbrella stand on its own and air dry with its awesome and quick drying properties. The carefully designed umbrellas also has an umbrella self opening button
SUPERIOR DURABILITY - Our Car-Friendly Umbrella is the perfect solution for a top quality rain protector. The inverted umbrella is designed with a strong steel and fiberglass frame with a double lining layer so the frame is concealed inside the beautiful umbrella. The awesome umbrella is an automatic open umbrella that auto opens with a simple button. Marino's reversible umbrella is a rain umbrella Made from the finest superior materials to keep your Marino style going for a long while!
ORDER WITH GRACE - 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 45 days free exchange and returns, Our mission is to have our customers extremely gratified with the reverse folding umbrella they purchased, so if you haven't so, please take advantage of our swift exchange and retu
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