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13-06-2018 11:32 am
Pathfinder Portable Car Refrigerator Mini Fridge Cooler&Warmer 4 L/6 Cans, 110V&12V Power for Home, Office and Car
COOLS AND HEATS:This INTEY portable car refrigerator provides food insulation, allows you to enjoy food anytime, anywhere, the effect of refrigerating beverage is also more significant, it can be simply and efficiently used in your home, office and during travel.
PERFECT CONVENIENCE:Lightweight, portable, and lower power consumption make it more suitable for outdoor activities, this item cools to 59°F-68°F below room temperature. If left in a cool room this may freeze contents.
SAFE AND ECO FRIENDLY:This mini refrigerator integrates dual functions of cooling and heating by employing semiconductor, without a compressor or cryogen. It has advantages of being free from pollution, and provides long service life.
SIMPLE OPERATION:A switch to control the cool/warm mode,a self-locking recessed door handle. a removable shelf is easy to storage larger objects and small volume create a comfortable home and office environment.
24-MONTH WARRANTY:Long shelf life stems from our trust in our products, ensuring product quality, meanwhile giving you the superior quality services.
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Emergency Personal Alarm - Siren Song, Extreme Loud (130dB) with LED Flashlight, Safesound alarms keychain for women, kids and Elderly. Self defense protection & Safe Sound Devices by Vondior - Gold
KEEPING SAFE AND SOUND - Out on a night jog, having your kids coming home alone from school, or your teenager daughter out at a party, are all situations where safety is a major concern. Facing a life threatening crisis requires a self-defense device that can both deter the attacker and attract immediate attention. With the Vondior Alarm, a would-be assailant is instantaneously stunned and disoriented. Simultaneously, its blaring alarm catches the attention of passers-by to come to the rescue.
PROTECTION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Other devices on the market offer safety but carry risks and are difficult to master effectively. In the face of a life-threatening assault, you need a simple and quick solution that requires no thinking. With the Vondior Alarm, simply pull the pin, and its ear-piercing alarm will sound continuously for up to a half hour. Fitting even a young child's palm, this personal keychain alarm scares off an attacker and draws instant attention. It is simply a lifesaver.
EAR-POPPING SOUND IN A 'NUTSHELL' - Employing nano technology, the Vondior Alarm is uniquely portable pocket sized made it easy to keep handy and activate fast! This sirensong keychain alarm attaches to your purse, school bag or belt, is walnut-sized, yet generates a screaming siren of 120 decibels - as loud as a Concorde taking off at full thrust - giving panic button security to a child, an elderly person or a woman vital seconds to flee the scene, and attract the attention of bystanders.
LIGHT UP YOUR WAY - When night falls, it's prudent to be more vigilant. The darkness brings with it the risk of undesirable situations of helplessness. One simple way to avoid the stress is to gear up with a powerful light. Built-in to this personal keychain alarm is a mini LED flashlight to illuminate a si
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HOOMEE 90 x 210CM Magnetic Screen Door Seal for Portable Air Conditioner and Tumble Dryer– Works with Every Mobile Air Conditioning, Close Automatically- Air Exchange Guards With Zip and Velcro Tape
NO MORE HOT AIR INCOMES FROM YOUR DOOR - Hoomee door seal is a unique seal on the market that keeps the warm air coming from the hose of your portable air conditioner away by locking the hose between the door frame and the door itself. Our door seal leaves out insects, mosquitoes, rain and crates a "closed environment" that keeps your room cool for longer.
INCREASE COOLING PERFORMANCE - Enjoy a cooler environment in summer thanks to Hoomee! Hoomee seals around your open door and then zips around the nozzle of your hose and blocks the return flow of warm air, so that your mobile air conditioning unit can be more efficient and cools your room in less time.
HUMAN AND PETS ENTRY FRIENDLY: directly walkthrough screen doors no matter for human or pets. Built-in strong magnetic: 26pcs sewed in strong magnetic points make the screen door close much quicker and more silent.
EASY TO INSTALL - NO NEED FOR DRILLING HOLES . You don't have to buy door kits, adapters for your hose or additional tools. All you need comes with your Hoomee Door Seal! Simply apply the adhesive hook tape to the inside of your door frame and to the door itself. Attach the door seal to the hook tape. Then, open the zip on the door seal and place your air conditioner hose out of the door. At the end, close the zip tightly around the hose. Simple as it is.
UNIVERSAL AND CONVENIENT TO USE - Suitable for all portable air conditioners and tumble dryers regardless of manufacturer. Whether for doors that open to the left or doors that open to the right, Hoomee Door Seal will do the job. OPENS AUTOMATICALLY THROUGH INTEGRATED MAGNETS. Walk through the Door Seal freely and enjoy the comfort. As a BIG PLUS does the door seal protect your home from insects as well. Fits doors with a maximum perimeter of 90x210 CM.
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Cooling Towel, 4 Pack,Stay Cool for Travel Camping Golf Football & Outdoor Sports, Instant Cooling Relief & Ice Cold Quickly, Enduracool Towels for Neck & Head
SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL - Breathable mesh material, super-absorbent evaporative,soft feel and chemical-free. It works on the physical evaporation of moisture to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool.
INSTANT COOLING AND REUSABLE - The unique cooling system uses moisture from the towel to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you enduralcool. Everyone can use the cooling towel, even pets.Cooling towels for athletes,sports enthusiasts are the best.Quickly cools down by just soaking, wringing the water out and snapping. The magical cooling effect can last up to several hours and easy to reactivate it by repeating the same steps.
EASY TO USE - Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it. So it's treated as a kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools.
4 PACK AND DECENT SIZE (40"x 12") - This item comes as a 4-pack so that we can offer the best price without sacrificing quality. Plus with 4 towels per pack, you get to do less laundry. It also makes for the perfect gift size!
CUSTOMER SERVICE & RISK-FREE GUARANTEE - Please mail us if you face any problem or unhappy with the item, our team is always there for you to resolve any issues or do a full refund. Lifetime guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.
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Winique Personal Space Air Cooler, 4 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Purifier, Personal Fan, 7 Colors Nightstand & 3 Speed Modes Personal Evaporative Cooling Fan for Home Dorm Travel
❄4 in 1 Multi Function: Winique Air Cooler is not just an air cooler, 4 in 1 unique designed, It could also be used as a humidifier, air purifier, air refrigerating device and a powerful fan, really space saving, low power consumption and economic. A mini air conditioner especially ideal for dorm, bedroom, small house.
❄Personal Space Air Cooler: Compact size(6.5 X 6.5 X 6.7inch) and lightweight(2.9lb) which make you easy to place it on your office desk, nightstand, and for traveling, camping and carrying around.
❄Patented and Unique: Freon free and patented designed by the latest evaporative cooling technology. Draw in hot air and pass it through a wet filter, which then exits the other side as cool, refreshing air. Good choice for hot dry climates. Cooling area up to 21.5 sq.ft.
❄3 Speed Levels, 7 Colors Led Light: Three wind speeds (low- medium -high) with one button control on the top, easy to operate and help you to choose the most comfortable one. Another button on the top which switches the 7 colors (Blue, red, white, teal, purple, yellow and green) led night light. Choosing the best color mood depends on your requirements.
❄USB Charging Portable Design: USB charging or AC current supply; built-in water tank, once full, can last for 8 hours which is convenient to take it to any place,even outside when your family go for an vacation.
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[Industrial Grade] ONWOTE 5MP PoE Security Camera System, 8 Channel Expandable 5MP H.265 NVR 2TB Hard Drive with 4 Outdoor 5 Megapixels 2592x 1944P HD 100ft IR Night Vision Surveillance IP PoE Cameras
【5.0 Megapixel- 2592* 1944P HD, Indoors & Outdoors】-- See in stunning clarity and sharper details with 5.0 Megapixel (2592 x 1944) cameras. 1944P HD equals 1080P HD + 2,965,248 pixels. With 6 LED arrays, IR night vision up to 100ft. Employing IP 66 weatherproof aluminum housing material, cameras can be used indoors and outdoors.
【POE, Plug n Play】-- This security system features Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, a single network cable run between your NVR and each IP camera provides both power and video transmission, allowing you to position your cameras anywhere without the need for a nearby power outlet.
【Expandable System, Add 4 more Cameras】--The recorder support up to 8 cameras, you can add 4 more cameras in the future; 2TB hard drive pre-installed, record 30+ days under motion detection.
【Free APP, Easy Remote Access】-- Easy live view & remote playback on your smart phone and computer from anywhere anytime; receive email alerts and mobile notifications when motion is detected.
【Quality & Support Guarantee】--Employed the most advanced chipset solution on the market and UL certified power supply for reliable video quality and stable connection; Our professional customer support team will respond your message within 8 hours (24 hours 7 days support & 2 year warranty).
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BicycleStore Personal Handheld Fan, Portable Mini Pocket Fan with Foam Blades, Small Quiet Desk Fan Powered by USB or Rechargeable Battery for Office, Table, Travel, Camping
UPGRADED AND SUPRISINGLY STRONG WIND HAND HELD FAN. Yes, do not be fooled by it's simplistic appearance, this little fan produces an amazing output of air that cools you down in mere SECONDS! One button for on/ off with 1 speed, simple but powerful.
FOAM SMALL FAN BLADES MAKE IT IDEAL FOR ALL AGES. The soft flexible rubber won't hurt your finger or face when accidently touching them while running, they are safe for baby, kids or the elder to cool them down in hot or stuffy environment.DO NOT TO TEAR THE FOAM BLADES OFF ON PURPOSE.
USB RECHARGEABLE WITH BUILT-IN BATTERY PERSONAL FAN. Universal USB port for easy charging via adapter, power bank, computer.,etc. charging time is about 3.5H, and working hours is 3. No more batteries needed. Remember to charge it fully before to use it at first time.
THE FAN CAN STAND ON FLAT SURFACE AS DESK FAN AND OPERATE WITHOUT BEING HANDHELD. No more need to hold it all the time for cool breeze, just put it on table while typing or gaming. Compact size and lightweight, small enough to stow away when travel or outing as pocket fan.
PORTABLE FANS FOR OUTDOOR EVENTS, VERSITILE AND HANDY FAN. This mini travel fan not only keeps you cool but keeps your makeup set, to blow cigarette smoke away from you, perfect gadget for an airplane trip, Desney world, Football Cup, amusement park, summer camp.
KLARSTEIN Skyscraper Horizon • Oscillating Tower Fan • Evaporative Air Cooler • Humidifier • 3.7 qts Water Tank • Remote Control • Sleep Mode • 3 Speeds • Black
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Not only does the KLARSTEIN Skyscraper Horizon distribute fresh air, but it also cools and moisturizes it: Cool water stored in the generous 3.7 qt reservoir evaporates into the air stream for hours , reducing the temperature in the room and also increasing the humidity for relaxed and healthy breathing.
DESIGN: With its rounded shape, the Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon sets new standards in terms of appearance, and abandons the dull shapes of conventional devices. The correspondingly modern control panel gives easy and intuitive access to all functions. It seamlessly fits into a variety of settings such as the living room, bed room and office.
FLEXIBLE: In addition to the standard mode of operation, the innovative nature mode recreates the natural ebb and flow of the wind, while the sleep mode gradually quiets the fan during the night. Both functions are based on the set wind speed and can be adjusted individually.
STRONG PERFORMANCE: The powerful Klarstein Skyscraper Horizon fan moves up to 665 sqft of air per hour on the highest of the 3 power settings. Its 60 ° vertically adjustable outflow slats and a switchable 45 ° oscillation ensure optimum distribution of the airflow in the room. On top of that, the unit comes with a freezer cooling pack, which increases the cooling capacity in an energy-saving way.
EASY & ECONOMICAL: The KLARSTEIN Skyscraper Horizon is very easy to operate, as all settings are controlled via the front panel or with the included remote control. The water tank can be removed easily, allowing for simple refilling under the faucet (no need to use the watering can!).
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