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08-09-2017 12:10 pm
It's FUN TIMES FRIDAY... and we have our winners!

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Eyebrow Tweezers by Bella and Bear - The Tweezers Set for Professional Shaping
BEAUTY AWARD WINNERS - Featured in Cosmo beauty magazine as a handbag must have for women. The set comes in a cute little travel case and includes Slanted tweezers, Pointed and Straight Tweezers. Ideal for brow professionals and makeup artists the tweezers are perfect for plucking eyebrows, removing facial hair and epilating any other areas of the body where you have unwanted hair.
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - High grade stainless steel precision tweezers with a hard coated painted finish. The tweezers are designed to ensure tips close perfectly every time, edges precise, sharp and have the exact amount of tension required. The methods that are used to manufacture our tweezers are a combination of old and new. Parts of the process are by hand to ensure we produce the finest most reliable tweezers available. Only those that are 100% inspected receive the final Bella & Bear stamp
MULTI PURPOSE - Slant tweezers are perfect for shaping brows, applying false eyelashes, straight tweezers are perfect for larger areas including brows, face and body. Pointed tip tweezers are ideal for short hairs and can also be used for splinter removal. They can also be used around the home for first aid, hobby crafts and kitchen
WHY CHOOSE US? - Bella and Bear is an international renowned brand with an excellent image thanks to years of focus on design, development and customer service. Many makeup artists and beauticians swear by our products. We have been featured in Elle, Cosmo and feature in hundreds of brow and beauty salons across the globe.
PERFECT EYE CANDY - Our products are not only designed to be functional, we also focus on the visual appeal. Why only focus on function when you can have function and beauty. The famous Bella and Bear pattern is featured on the faux leather tweezer case and also on the packaging, not only on the outside but we've printed inside too! We want you to have the whole package. Pr
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