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31-01-2018 03:30 am
Jade Angel Thai 925 Silver Dragon Link Bracelet Men Vintage Jewelry (23CM)
Material: Sterling Silver
Width:1.1cm , Length : 21cm /23cm
Total Weight : 65g /69.8g
Please choose one size that best fits you
Suitable for any occasion
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Matykos Anti Aging Jade Roller and Face Silicone Spatula Kit | The Best Skincare Anti Aging Massage Tool For Your Face, Neck, Body, and Eyes | Helps Reducing Wrinkles, Puffiness and Clears Toxins
Genuine Green Natural Jade Stones; After long time researching, we found out that Xiuyan Jade is the highest quality in the Jade Family. For that reason, we managed to craft our products with this particular type of stone, and we will offer you a Certificate of Quality that you will find in each set. All of our Jade Stones comes from Liaoning Province of China, and they are polished with great care which allows them to roll when used smoothly.
Say goodbye to wrinkles and puffiness; Using this anti-aging ancient Chinese beauty tool as a part of your daily routine will help to relax your face and body which will improve your blood circulation, reduce stress and reduce toxins.
Every day is spa day!; With the Jade Stone coldness, you will enjoy a spa treatment from the comfort of your own home every day. Deposit the Jade Roller Ball inside the protective velvet bag and after that in the refrigerator for an incredible chilling experience.
Why should you choose our product?; Because you will get: Green Jade Roller, How to use Brochure, Jade Quality Certificate, Silicone Spatula for Mask, Luxury Velvet Protective Pouch and Luxury GiftBox;
Lifetime warranty and customer support 24/7; We manage to produce the best quality stones and metal holders on the market, period. We believe so much in our products that we offer.
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