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28-10-2017 01:31 pm
KISSES Milk Chocolates
A perfect bite of milk chocolate candy
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Oh! Nuts Christmas 2018 Chocolate Wishes Gift Set | 20 Handmade Gourmet Chocolates Blessings Assorted Flavors Holiday Gifting, Prime Gifts Idea, Thanksgiving Valentines Fathers & Mothers Day Baskets
SMOOTH, CREAMY, AND DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE GIFT BOX: Create a memorable impression by sending this box of goodies to your friends, family, and neighbors this holiday season. Featuring an assortment of premium flavored chocolate squares, these gourmet chocolates keep taste buds begging for more. Replace the traditional candy, flowers, and baked goods with trendier, high-end treats.
10 FUN, UNIQUE FLAVORS: Crafted using our custom blend of chocolate, our chocolate comes in ten rich flavors: Almonds, Milk Chocolate, Toffee, Caramel, Mint, Espresso, Orange, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, and Strawberry Champaign. Surprise the chocoholic you know. Sending them chocolate treats shows you have an exemplar sense of class and taste.
FRESH INGREDIENTS ONLY: These yummy chocolate squares are OK Certified Kosher Dairy and are made fresh with premium quality ingredients. Whether you are looking to show appreciation to your grandfather or grandmother, to your hostess or coworkers, him or her, this Oh! Nuts deluxe basket brings joy and fun to every party.
STUNNING PRESENTATION CREATES A WOW FACTOR: These flavored chocolate treats are presented in a clear display box along with a corresponding blessing for each chocolate. The holiday wishes add tremendous value and color to this beautiful box, which comes wrapped and ready to be delivered directly to the recipient. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the compliments and rave reviews that will sure come your way.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - LOVE IT OR RETURN IT: Thousands of satisfied customers have given us the confidence for our policy of 100% acceptance of returns, even on food items. Because whether it's Halloween, New Year's, Hanukkah, an anniversary or birthday celebration, or a corporate lunch with clients, the Oh! Nuts signature
Oh! Nuts Christmas 2018 Chocolate Wishes Gift Set | 20 Handmade Gourmet Chocolat
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Gourmet S’mores! Ready to Eat Handcrafted Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker & Burnt Marshmallow Smores. 12 One of Kind S’mores Bars (No need for S’mores Sticks, S’mores Kit or Smores Maker) 12 S'mores
Your all-time favorite campfire S'mores treat. Enjoy indoor smores at home! There isn't anything like it. These Premade FYRE S'mores are a unique and novelty treat you simply have to eat! Get rid of the s'more sticks and s'mores skewers, these are ready to eat!
These ready to eat S'mores bar can be your treat anywhere... Anytime. Burn the S'mores Maker itself. They are made with perfectly toasted marshmallows, a crunchy graham cracker crust and completely covered in milk chocolate.Each of the S'mores Bar are perfectly toasted Marshmallow covered in milk chocolate with a crunchy graham cracker crust to make the perfect s'more candy delivered in a resealable bag.
Inspired by childhood memories of camping smores around a campfire with friends and family holding smores sticks into the flames. The Toasted Marshmallow Company is bringing you Ready to Eat FYRE S'mores made with the highest quality ingredients. No need to ask again, "What's smores"?
No need for your own recipe for Marshmallows, Marshmallow roasting sticks, smores skewers or your own campfire pit. These are ready to eat smores at home and taste just like a campfire s'more!
For Your Toasted Experience, we want to make sure this toasted marshmallow comes through in every bite without smores sticks for fire pit. How can you have an Authentic Marshmallow S'more without a Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow?
Gourmet S’mores! Ready to Eat Handcrafted Milk Chocolate, Graham Cracker & Burnt
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