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16-01-2018 01:32 am
Little Girls Embroidered Beaded Flower Girl Birthday Party Dress with Petticoat Teal 7t-8t
Made of high quality material Organza,touch soft and comfortable.Below the Size Chart "T" Means "Years".Like Size "11-12T","13-14T" Means Size "11-12","13-14" Big Girl. Size 7-8T Means "7-8".
Every dress will be compare with one Petticoat underneath the dress,We will Send it for you FOR FREE. The petticoat is one Soft Metal Ring,which is sew into the skirt,which can make the dress puffy like the picture.If you don't like the petticoat,you can just take it out
On the Petticoat,there will have one 2.75" open in Back,not the problem of work,just to be easily removed or added hoops
High Quality Handmade Embroidery Design,high quality handwork,every embroidery workmanship on the dress will take we 5 hours to complete
Tie Back at the Waist,Shape and Fit Well
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Oakiwear Childs Velcro Snow Boots, Teal & Mint, 12T US Toddler
THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER SOLE - Little kids can be unsteady enough on their feet without throwing slick weather into the mix. We have your back, parents. Our single molded waterproof sole has ¼ inch tread and provides great traction for your kids snow boots in icy conditions. We use thermoplastic rubber that is known to be an excellent value, aesthetically versatile, and recyclable.
VERSATILE STYLE - Suede leather color choices and faux fur give style and extra warmth to your kids snow boots. The faux fur reaches into the kids snow boots 1.5 inches and wraps around the top 1 inch. The rest of the interior is soft polyester, making it comfortable for your child to wear. Comes in Neutral Gray, Lava Orange, Deep Red, Plum Purple, Teal & Mint, Celestial Blue, and Stealth Black.
3MTM THINSULATETM - We worked with 3MTM to insulate the main body of your kids snow boots to help keep their cute little toes cozy and warm. The 3MTM THINSULATETM is a thin, lightweight product that will keep your child warm by trapping and holding body heat. This is a must for cold or wet weather.
METAL GROMMETS - At Oakiwear, we know how hard kids can be on their clothing - especially when they are going on a grand adventure outside. At Oakiwear, it is important for us to provide durable and affordable gear for children. This has led us to put metal grommets on the fasteners to ensure a longer life for your kid's boots, and less headache for you.
TOGGLE CLOSURE - Use the toggle closure on the tight-grip bungee string to tighten and loosen these snowboots for kids. This will make it easier for you and your child to put their snow boots on and take them off again. No more tying and retying shoelaces, or stuck zippers in the cold. Includes a custom Oaki Leaf embossed logo stamp on the bungee pull-tab.
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