21-09-2018 11:31 am
LOVETUNER Bronze - Ball Chain (Bronze)
Made in the USA
Includes two-piece flute necklace, chain, gift box, and instructions
Calibrated to 528 Hz frequency
Recommended for ages 6+
Great for stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness practice and conscious breathing
Amazon PrimeScales  
Prime Scales | 700lb Veterinary Scale | Digital Weighing Equipment | Anti-Slip Mat for Pets or Livestock | Determine Weight for Small to Medium Sized Animals | Peak Hold Function | 38” x 20” x 2”
BEST VET SCALE: Weighing your pet has never been easier! Whether your looking to monitor your pet's weight at home for their health, a farmer, or a veterinarian that see multiple different animals a day, this is the digital scale for you!
HIGH QUALITY: Made from the highest quality of materials all of our scales are as durable as they are functional. Constructed from a mild steel frame, 304 stainless steel platter and 4 aluminum full bridge load cells, they're built to last.
SMALL TO MEDIUM ANIMALS: If you're a vet or a farmer, you have a lot of different animals or small livestock that need weighed but don't worry we've got you covered all in one scale. This scale will fit all pets from cats to dogs, and even small livestock such as chickens, goats, and sheep.
SPECS & FEATURES: This top notch weighing machine comes included with stainless steel cover, anti-slip mat, portable lifting handles, a quick indicator disconnector, and an important peak hold function. It also package configured and calibrated with 7000 divisions and a lb/kg/oz converter.
MULTIPURPOSE: Prime Scales aren't only great for a veterinary office or to have on the farm, they can be utilized in a variety of places, including at home, a grooming salon, or it can be used as an athlete or aviation scale. These scales even work great in the mailroom, as they make it easy to ship and receive any package.
Prime Scales | 700lb Veterinary Scale | Digital Weighing Equipment | Anti-Slip M
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