Amazon Lyker  
12-10-2017 10:30 pm
Lyker 4330997192 Digital Voice Recorder, 8 GB Audio Recorder for Lectures Voice Activated Sound Dictaphone 5 AVR Levels High Fidelity PCM Dual Microphone, 48Khz Sampling, Subsection and Time Mark
High fidelity recording quality: 1536kbps high quality pcm recording with the high-sensitivity microphone
Voice activated control: When the avr mode is on, this audio recorder is able to automatically record the voice that is loud enough
With record subsection function, 30/60/120min recording subsections can be automatically separated from a long recording
Metal housing & large storage: High-quality and light-weight aluminum alloy material body as well as 8gb build-in flash memory capacity
It's not only a professional digital recorder for lectures, but also a superior lossless music player
Amazon EVISTR  
Voice Recorder 8GB Pro PCM 1536K Clear Stereo Audio by EVISTR, L53 Voice Activated Recorder Digital Dictaphone Portable Recording Device Double HD Adjustable Microphone, Noise Reduction
PROFESSIONAL PCM RECORDER: EVISTR L53 equipped with sensitivity adjustable microphone and high effective Digital Signal Processor, noise reduction, let you enjoy 1536KPBS flawless recording quality, catch clear voice, NEVER miss an important word!
RECORD MORE: 800mAh Rechargeable battery help you record longer time than ever (single full charge, continuously record 15 hours ); 8GB help you keep up to 300 hours long time recording file ( at MP3 64Kpbs )
USEFUL TOOL: Dual HD Microphone with dynamic noise reduction function, get crystal clear stereo audio, you could record voice far away up to 40ft; MONITORING RECORDER, never worry the recordings effect, hear what recorded when it is recording, it is a very useful gift recorder for lectures, class, study, speech, meetings, interviews; A happy gift for students, business man, teacher, professor, anyone who worry to catch your idea or memory, you will need this audio recorder
RECORDER IN ADVANCE: with MP3 Player, not just for you playback recordings, you could use it as music player; open the AVR mode, recording at voice activated function, record only loud enough decibels voice you want; Explore more functions like AUTO RECORD, TRACK ON, T-MARK, A-B repeat help you do multiple function with the recorder
METAL BODY RECORDER: handheld size digital recorder with premium metal body; support 3.5mm TRS Line-in, recording flawless music for you from Radio or other Aux port; Long Press A-B button lock/unlock buttons, never worry miss press when recording; Buy with confidence from EVISTR voice recorder, your satisfaction are guaranteed; Contact us for Free E-book help you operate the voice recorder effectively or See the Extra Picture for Trouble Shooting Guide
Amazon Evetebol  
Voice Recorder, 8GB Digital Audio Sound Portable Recorder with Noise Cancelling Dual Microphone, Voice Activated, Timed record, A-B Repeat, Built-In Speaker, MP3 Player, Memory Expansion, Key Lock etc
EASY TO USE: With metal shell, OLED screen, simple fashion design and easier to read. A key recording and save function. Time file name, recording time display and sound condition equalizer promise you a perfect music feast. Convenient for fitting in any palm, pocket or a purse for easy access and portability. Suitable for anyone who need a small and clear portable voice recorder and perfect for a variety of occasions, such as class, interviews, lectures or meetings.
SUPERIOR RECORDING QUALITY: Support super clear recording with 1536Kbps resolution. Double ultra-sensitive microphones with intelligent dynamic noise reduction and long distance pickup ability. Easy to hear and make the recording quality more clear and natural, even when recorded in noisy locations. External speakers play HD sound loud and clear.
VOICE ACTIVATED & MORE ADVANCED FUNCTIONS: Open the Voice-activated function, can be set to start recording at the sound of a speaker's voice, and to stop recording after the speaker has finish. More Advanced Feature with A-B repeat, variable speed playback, monitor the recording, timing record and button lock etc.
MP3 PLAYER: Not just help you record quality audios, you could also directly playback or listen music with this recorder. Just need to connect to your computer and copy your MP3 files to the recorder. You can also play music from an external TF card. The voice recorder supports multiple music formats, like MP3, WAV, WMA, APE and FLAC.
8GB STORAGE & HIGH SPEED USB: 8GB storage provides plenty of space to store up to 560 hours audio file(TF Expansion cards support up to 64G storage), while the big capacity rechargeable battery provides enough electricity to keep your recorder on throughout the day. You can also easily transfer the recorded file on your PC
Amazon T-area  
T-area Digital Voice Recorder 8GB 1536Kbps Sound Recorder For Lectures Audio High Definition Recorder Voice Control Timing Record Password Protection 160 Hours Superlong Standby Time Standby
¡ï[160 Hours Long-Lasting Time]: Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, more than 160 hours working time every fully charged; and can recording for 40 hours .8GB can stores up to 999 audio files.
¡ï[Also A MP3 Player]:More than just a voice recorder, it could be used as a MP3 music player. With a earphone and you can listen your recording on earphone, it supports quicker file transfer on your PC/MAC for permanent storage and instant transcription. This is your personal recorder as well as a music player.
¡ï[Voice Control And Timing Record]: Voice Activated recorder and able to stop record automatically when you stop speaking and restart automatically when you start speaking again. Automatic timing recording and adjustable denoise levels make your Dictaphone professional. On the other hand, it's convenient to use when you are driving.
¡ï[With Built-In High-Quality Speaker ]The recorder can play the recording directly and has a LCD screen so that we can easy to check the files. It¡¯s easy to hear even when recorded in noisy locations. External speakers play high definition and clear sound.
¡ï[Intelligent Dual Core Noise Reduction]: Easy to use and carry. Simply slide the voice recording switch on the front of the recorder to start recording. .Two microphones on the sides to record .Tiny and compact design so you can record while it's in your pocket, ideal audio recorder for meeting, class, lectures, conferences, interviews, study, take notes, or enjoy music.
Amazon dB9PRO  
Best Voice Activated Recorder Device for Clear Audio Recording in Meetings & Lectures, Digital Pocket Dictaphone Mini mp3 Player, Ultra Sensitive Microphone, Headphones, & USB Cable, dB9PRO
✅ NEVER MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT AGAIN! Ever taken a test and wondered when your teacher ever talked about those questions in class? Or how about being at an important business meeting and realizing after that you completely missed the assignments your boss gave you to work on? In your defense, he was probably talking at 200 wpm! We are so happy to introduce you to a better way to record important ideas, notes, and information. Let our dB9PRO recording device do all the heavy lifting!
💯 THE BEST WAY TO TAKE NOTES... Did you know that you are probably only capturing about 20-30% of what you hear through a traditional note taking system? Not to mention, you are missing the full sensory experience to capture exactly what is being taught, and then be able to recall the information easily. With our ultra-clear dB9PRO Recording Pocket Device, you never have to miss a thing! Get more productivity out of your learning with the best way to take audio dictaphone notes!
🎁 AMAZING GIFT IDEA! Our premium dB9PRO sound recording device makes an amazing gift for students, journalists, musicians, poets, lawyers, business professionals, and even doting husbands that tend to miss a lot of what their wives tell them. Our voice activated recorders have 8 GB for upto 560 hours of recording (expandable upto 2,240 hrs with a 32GB TF card)! Then, simply upload it to your Mac or PC with the included USB cable. Now you can record all of your great ideas anytime- anywhere!
🐚 RECORD CLEAR SOUND FROM 40 FT AWAY! Are you interested in recording the magical sounds of your baby's first words, the music of birds singing in the morning, or the thrilling tales of a WWII war hero being interviewed? Now you can capture those important sounds with crisp, clear audio recordings to treasure for a
Amazon 1go  
Digital Voice Recorder - Audio Recorder Goplay Wireless Mic Smart Digital Recorder Portable 8GB CD Sound Quality APP Controlled Microphone Text Transcript Audio Recording Device
CD AUDIO QUALITY RECORDING - Goplay Mic promises 24bit CD-quality audio with an unlimited range, audio will be stored on the Goplay mic merory, after recording video, you can use Goplay mic's auto sync app to sync the audio to your video and share to your favorite platforms.
AUTO-SYNC FEATURES MAKES WONDERFUL VIDEO - Goplay mic lets you mix stunning videos, sync video from your phone camera with GoPlay audio, without possessing any knowledge of post-production software. You do not need to waste your time manually adjusting the audio timing. Timestamp mechanism will auto sync the Goplay audio with video. Goplay audio recorder can be used by independent filmmakers, new parents, vloggers. Now you can unleash your subjects and get great video.
YOUR POCKET AUDIO SOLUTION FOR ANY VIDEO - The wireless recorder is tiny as a coin, pleace it anywhere. Match it with your favorite shirt right now, also can be subtly placed under tie. Built-in magnet enables you attach the smart recorder to any steel surface. Everyone has access to a great video, if you want audiable audio, the only solution to shoot your subjects close up, Goplay mic allows you to be more creative with your shot choice.
SAVE YOUR TIME ON SUBTITLE EDITING - Free trial of paid service. Just one click and you can watch the video with subtitles in minutes! The wireless voice recorder comes with a paid service with free trial.TEXT TRANSCRIPT & BUILT-IN CORRECTION EDITOR. Goplay APP converts audio into text, which help you easily search the content from dozens of shootings, share or publish it on your web page instantly.
GOPLAY MIC UPDATE YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO A PRO CAMERA - flawless recording quality with an authentic stereo experience. Means you can enjoy crystal clear recordings even at lectures, class, study, speech, meetings, interviews a
Amazon Weefun  
Digital Voice Activated Recorder, WEEFUN 8GB Rechargeable Sound Audio Dictaphone, Double Microphone with A-B Repeat, Memory Expansion, Built in Noise Reduction Function Recording Device ( White )
SUPERIOR RECORDING QUALITY - WEEFUN voice recorder records at 192 kbps, captures up to 20 ~ 50 ft with clear, high quality stereo audio sound. Low-noise stereo microphones optimize the best audio quality, make the voice activated recorder ideal for meetings, lectures, dictation, notes and in-person interviews.
TO EXPAND MEMORY - Built-in 8GB of internal memory, and up to 64GB of additional storage via its microSD card slot allows you to record and store hundreds of hours of recorded audio should you need it from this tape recorder. It will record up to 22 hours of non stop recording, 64 GB of additional memory-equivalent to over 1168 hours of recording time, which has more features than other digital voice recorders.
VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDER AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN - Set it and forget it. The portable voice recorder will automatically start recording when sound is detected. It has voice-activated recording to stop and restart recordings after silences, and easy recharging and file transfer.Conveniently fits in any palm, pocket or a purse for easy access and portability.
EASILY TRANSFER FILES TO MAC OR PC - You can easily transfer files to Mac or PC with this digital audio recorder. Compatible with all Window OS, Mac OS and Linux OS. Just operate the voice recorder with effortless ease.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service will ensure your satisfaction is our top most priority.
Amazon KLAREN  
Voice Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, KLAREN Metal Shell Design 8GB USB Digital Audio Sound Dictaphone, Portable Rechargeable Recorder with Built-In Speaker for Meetings Lectures Interviews
★ PORTABLE AND FASHION DESIGN: Kirsite shell, ultra-thin body, sapphire double mirror, borderless integrated design and with a beautiful HD color LCD display. Conveniently fits in any palm, pocket or a purse for easy access and portability;
★ WIDELY USE: This professional recorder with pen chip, dual core noise reduction, 1536Kbps HD linear recording, you could widely use it for your semester class, lecture, speech, interview, group talking, podcast recording. It is ideal for professor,students, teachers, businessman,journalist, writer, blogger, and anyone who loves to record something, or your unforgettable memory in audio type;
★ MULTIFUNCTION: This recorder can also be used as an MP3/music player. Just need to connect to your computer and copy your MP3 files to the recorder. It support MP3/WMA/FLAC/APE and other lossless music formats, which can reach HIFI level (MP3);
★ EASY TO USE: This recorder record with pressing only one button and supports the circulatory function, repeat playback of the A-B section and other functions. Support the speed-changed adjustment function. Bookmark positioning function. Listen to the middle part of the music/ voice at any time. It also supports USB2.0 computer connection, easy to upload and download voice or music;
★ LARGE STORAGE AND HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY: 8GB of internal memory and super long time recording, super high capacity battery inside. Low voltage automatic detection and protection function, automatic shutdown within 5 minutes' standby without operation.
Amazon Dansrue  
Digital Voice Activated Recorder, 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder with MP3 Player / Double Microphone, Noise Cancelling Dictaphone Recorder for Lectures Meetings Interviews (White B)
【High Sound Quality】 Excellent sound quality with dynamic noise reduction, support MP3 and WAV format, built-in 2 360-degree surround microphone. Bit rate up to 1536KB, real CD-level sound effects. This digital voice recorder bring you crystal clear recording experience without compromising the sound quality.
【8GB of Internal Memory】 You can store up to 700 HOURS of recordings without the need for additional memory cards. Use the huge internal memory capacity to store any other type of data files.
【Easily Transfer Files and Easy to Use】 Easy to use and transfer. Just connect the recorder to your computer using the supplied USB cable and drag the files over to your PC. Voice Activated Recording allows you don't have to click the record button every time to begin recording. Great for any college lecture or conference.
【High-quality Aluminum Body】 With tough and highly durable protective metal shell and a beautiful color LCD display, feels strong and sturdy, while being light and small. Conveniently fits in any palm, pocket or a purse for easy access and portability.
【Multi-function】 The voice recorder not only come with alarm clock, A-B repeat function,stereo recording ect features, but also can be used as a wonderful MP3 player. Just simply connect to PC and drag MP3 files over to the voice recorder. Support Multi-language, such as English, German, French, Italian, etc.
Amazon Hfuear  
Mini Digital Voice Recorder,8GB Voice Activated Recorder 365 Standby 800 Hours Capacity Audio Sound Recording Dictaphone-by Hfuear
[Strong Magnetic Absorption Recorder] - stong magnetic absorption can be attacthed to anywhere,under bed,office desk,car seat,making the recording easily and secretly;Noise can be reduce by irratation,the recording sound is 40% clearer than normal digital voice recorder
[800 Hours Long-time Recording] - Large capacity rechargeable 3800mAh battery of this sound recorder allows maximum 365 days stand by time,continuous recording for 50hr after each fully powered;8GB memory could totally store up to 800 hours recording file;A password lock also makes your voice recorder a safe and secret keeper
[Professional PCM Flawless Recorder] - Professional Pulse Code Modulation has flawless recording quality with an authentic stereo experience,GMY chip and DGC noise reduction make you enjoy crystal HD sound recording and playback for class,lectures,meeting,speech,interviews,obtain evidence etc
[Mini & Easy to Use Activated Recorder] - This mini voice recorder is lightweight and portable,handy and easy to fit in pocket or palm;Very easy to use,Simply "on" button and volumn button;audio sound activated can record sound automatically
[50 Meter Long Distance Recording] - High sensitivity can easily record sound within 50 meters and record surrounding voice clear;Intelligent recording save recording file 5 hours a time. Note:Please refer to user manual carefully if you have any problems when using or just contact us for help
Digital Voice Recorder,8GB Sound Recorder Rechargable Recording Device,Multifunctional Noise-reduced Dictaphone Portable Recorder for Meetings Interviews Lectures, MP3 Player
LOSSLESS HQ SOUND QUALITY - HQ192kbps/SQ128kbps/LQ32kbps three types of acoustic fidelity for choosing, sound is crisp. Come with 7 kinds of sound effects, give you a variety of recording experiences. Built-in chip with noise reduction function provide you the best voice recording.Suitable for a variety of occasions: lectures, meetings, interviews or speeches, etc,.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL OUTER CASING - Digital recorder made of aluminum alloy, sturdy and durable. Lightweight and metal housing make it won't be easily scratched. Matte texture design provide you extremely comfortable hand-feeling.
EASY-TO-LIFE DESIGN & POWERFUL BATTERY LIFE - Built-in LCD screen, segment display backlight for recording in low light enviroment. One key to record/pause/stop, easy to operate. Portable size make it easy to carry with. Groundbreaking battery life supports up to 13 hours recording, especially suit for outdoor activities.
PRACTICAL & VERSATILE FUNCTIONS - Built-in 8GB memory storage, useful for saving your important recording files. A-B repeat mode and loop mode can be used for studying or playing vital conversation. Can be also used as a MP3 player.
WHAT YOU GET - 1*Digital Voice Recorder; 1*USB cable; 1*Earphone; 1*Booklet. MILALOKO provides one-year product repair and one-month exchange guarantee with professional and whole-hearted service.
Amazon AKNEE  
Voice Recorder,Digital Audio Activated Recorder 8G with USB MP3 Player Dictaphone ,Pen Shape Easy to Operate Recording Pen Noise Reduction Metal Shell Recorder for Lectures Meetings
☛ The new generation intelligent recording pen could realize writing while recording. There is no sound and flashing during the whole process of recording. The recording pen could easily record your work and study. It is suitable for evidence collection, meeting, class, interview, and no one would know it is a recording pen.
☛ Metal body: our portable recording pen is sturdy and durable, equipped with high polished metal. The refill can be changed freely, the clip can be freely disassembled, moreover it has equipped with noise canceling microphone, suitable for putting into the backpack, purse or briefcase. It is professional in record and store with clear timbre. plug in headphones you can use the recording pen to play MP3 or your own recordings
☛High quality sound quality One-key recording, one-key save, automatically recording after power on, automatically save and record if power off; simple and convenient operations, avoiding the tedious operations, large range of HD recordings (you can also enjoy the clear recording even at a distance of 100 feet)
☛Long time recording and larger storage, with built-in and rechargeable lithium battery to provide enduring power supply, full charged in 30 minutes, high quality flawless recording, uninterrupted recording last for 30 hours (192kpbs WAV format); built-in 8G memory, you can save up to 96 hours of recording files
☛100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Our worry-free 3 years warranty and friendly customer service will ensure your satisfaction is our top most priority.Match up with Amazon Prime. We have rich experiences in manufacturing recording pen and ensure the high quality of our products.
Amazon OmniPen  
[Upgraded] Mini Voice Recorder-Voice Activated Recorder Pen-MP3 Player-16GB Usb up to 558hrs Rec time–Built-In Speaker & Headphone Jack High Definition Sound Quality
✅ A 5-1 INCREDIBLE GADGET THAT EVERYONE WILL LOVE! All you need to do to activate your new recorder is to talk; its voice activation feature will ease your life every time you want to record a lecture or an interview. Plus, it's also a pen, a presenter, an MP3 player AND a storage drive -talk about many birds with one stone!
✅ WORK, HAVE FUN, PLAY, WRITE! Use the stylus function to scribble down notes and thoughts, the 16gb disk space for storing your files and recordings, the headphone jack to listen to your favorite songs (our super cool pen supports mp3, wma, and wav!), and the presenter as a useful presentation tool!
✅ EVERYTHING YOU NEED WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTON! We have paid extra attention to our unique pen's design so that it would be exceptionally easy to use. It has a bright, OLED display, a handy on/off switch, a presenter button, two recording buttons, and a handy USB port and headphone jack. Plus, it can have a battery duration equal to 30 episodes of Stranger Things -20 hours that is!
✅ A TRUSTY, COMPACT COMPANION THAT GOES ANYWHERE WITH YOU! Take your pen anywhere you want with you; the office, your vacation, your meetings, your interviews, your lectures, and your shopping. It has super compact mini size and elegant, stylish, aluminum alloy exterior and you can fit it in your bag, purse, pencil case, or travel diary!
✅ WHO COULD RESIST SUCH A MARVELOUS GIFT? Instead of the usual birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or housewarming present, go for something different; a super practical, easy to use, multi functional accessory that they can use both for fun and for work -we assure you they will love you for it!
Amazon Vansky  
Digital Voice Recorder - Vansky 8GB Audio Sound Recorder, Double Microphone Dictaphone Supports 64GB TF Memory Card, MP3 Player Audio Recorder for Meetings, Lectures, Classes, Spy
Dual Microphones | HD Clear Voice -- Built-in Hi-Fi loudspeaker and omnidirectional stereo double microphones.You can enjoy crystal clear voice even while you're up to 40ft away. Recorder is default WAV recording format, Voice recorder gets up to 384Kbps high-resolution recording quality with automatically noise reduction level to choose.
One Key Record | Voice Activated Recorder -- Push the 'REC' button to start the recording and stop the 'REC' button to save the recording file. On the activated voice function, voice recorder will automatically records file if device detect the any voice.
Dictaphone MP3 Player | 8GB High Memory -- Used as sound audio recorder records a music play and can store up to 560Hrs recordings without the need for additional memory cards. Use the huge internal memory capacity to store any other type of data files.
LCD Display | USB Rechargeable -- Sound recorder get a LCD display to indicator the date,file name,battery power information. Digital voice recorder contained a long-lasting built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 380mAh and can work up to continuous 40 hours with full charge.
What You Get -- Vansky audio voice recorder with USB rechargeable cable and user manual together with 45 days money back, One year guarantee and friendly, easy-to-reach support. Please easy to contact our customer service if you get any problem with our sound recorder.
Amazon TOOBOM  
Voice Recorder, TOOBOM 8GB Digital Recorder with MP3 Player OTG Flash Drive Audio Recording Device Dictaphone Mini Recorder for Lectures - Recording Clear Metal Body
OTG MINI RECORDER: 8GB TOOBOM digital voice recorder, support OTG function, not just a compact size voice recorder, but also an easy carry flash drive for transferring file between your computers, and share file for your cell phones (your cell phone must support OTG function)
EXCEPTIONAL RECORDER: high efficient DSP digital voice recorder process your recordings effectively & safely; High sensitive microphone inside ensure you catch your every important moments, memories, memo, meeting, class, lecture, interview clear
MP3 PLAYER: one button recording, simple operational voice recorder with MP3 player, just plug your earphone, playback what you just recorded, transcribe your recordings sooner and easier, no need the computer; Feel tired after recording the important idea or transcription, listen a music for relax directly by press ("+ -") at the same,switch to play the music you stored in your recorder
SMALLER THAN THUMB: a compact voice recorder thumb flash drive size, convenient and portable to carry, it is ideal for students, transcriber, blogger, podcast, teacher, professor anyone who like to record some important talking or words;
TOOBOM voice recorder won't let your down, we offer 18 months warranty and Contact us for FREE E-BOOK, and Free to Upgrade to A Premium Voice Activated Recorder; NOTE: OTG function should check your cell phone support OTG or not, MAC and WINDWOS10 User may need to download free VLC Media Player for playback on computer
Amazon AUGIN  
Digital Voice Recorder Spy Voice Activated Audio Recorder Dictaphone 8GB for Lectures Meetings,Small Recording Devices Hidden Mini Recorder with Microphone MP3 Player SD Card Slot By AUGIN
【1536Kbps PCM RECORDER, STEREO CLEAR AUDIO RECORDING】Recorder with 1536Kbps PCM voice resolution, and two ultra-sensitive microphones with dynamic noise cancelling means you can enjoy crystal stereo clear recordings even at lectures, class,school, study, speech, meetings, interviews, concert and more!
【VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDER】If you set the recorder to voice activated recording model,it will automatically start recording when sound is detected.The small recorder is only 2.95*0.86*0.47inch ,mini,hand held,and portable.Easily fit any palm, pocket,pouch or wallet,easy concealed,can be used for a specified time
【SUPPORT 32GB SD CARD EXPANSION,RECORD MORE】The digital voice recorder with 8gb memory,could store up to 581 hours recordings file (when set recording quality at 32kpbs),and with Micro SD card slot,support 32gb extension(the SD card not included)Built-in with rechargeable battery, full charge could continuous record 11 hours
【MULTIPLE VOICE RECORDER】The voice recorder with timer ,secure password,A-B repeat ,playback etc. Built in MP3 player supports multiple music format, MP3,WMA,FLAC,APE,OGG,you can enjoy your music freely.
【Easy To Use & SMALL】Simply slide it up to record and down to save the recording. You're ready to record in an instant! Metal body, anti-knock and fall prevention, sturdy and durable, while portable and lightweight recorder. Easily fit any palm, pocket or wallet for easy access and portability.
Amazon Coredy  
Coredy Digital Voice Recorder MP3 Player-Voice Activated Dictaphone 22 hours Rechargeable Battery Lasted Super Long Recording Time with Track Mark for Lectures Meetings Interviews Voice Memo
SUPERIOR RECORDING QUALITY: Capture all your meetings, lectures, interviews and seminars in HIGH QUALITY crystal clear audio with dual high sensitivity microphone, intelligent reduces ambient noise for clearer playback. Multi-protection that auto save recording files for every 5 seconds and LOCK button stop your misoperation during recording to protect your every recording smoothly.
3-IN-1 RECORDING DEVICE: Capture recordings in stereo, store files via USB memory stick and use as an MP3 music player, 8GB internal memory stores up to 1500 MP3 music files, memory can be extended up to 64GB with microSD/HC/XC memory card. built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery lasted 22 hours super long recording time. Easy PC connection with a USB cable, simply plug in and share content, compatible with PC or MAC.
ADVANCED RECRODING: VOICE OPERATED RECORDING (VOR), the recorder start recording when the recorder detects sound, pause when no sound is heard, eliminating recording during soundless periods. RECORDING TELEPHONE CONVERSATION with LINE-IN technology, never miss any important telephone conversation. MIRROR RECORDING, mirror record from any 3.5mm AUX devices to recorder with HIGH-QUALITY crystal clear audio.
GIFT IDEAL FOR MOST PEOPLE: The recorder perfect for your lecture, semester class, speech, interview, group talking, podcast recording, voice memo, telephone conversation recording. ideal for students, professor, teacher, businessman, writer, blogger, language study and more.
TRACK MARK: The track mark function allow you add multiple bookmarks to each recording, and jump to next/previous during playback, easy to playback for long time recording. A-B repeat function, DPC (Digital Pitch Control) function, you can play back a file faster or slower by adjusting the playback speed in a range f
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