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25-08-2018 04:31 pm
Magnavox VR9142 Video Cassette Recorder Player VCR 4 Head VHS HS
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Restored 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo with VHS Player Built in + Movie Bundle, Plays Video Tapes for Autistic Children, Grandparents, 13” Silver + Warranty (Good)
Our GOOD Bundle includes a restored older 13" combination television in Good condition with built-in VCR to play & record VHS video tapes, remote control, 12 pre-owned VHS movies for kids, new blank tape to record shows, user manual, coaxial cable and 90-day limited warranty.
Our TV/VCR Renewal Process: Remove all dust inside to prevent overheating. Clean VCR heads & tape path for optimal picture and sound. Lubricate moving parts to assure smooth ejecting of tapes. Recondition the exterior to restore the cabinet luster. Play-test the VCR for several hours to guarantee its dependability.
You're backed by our 90-Day Warranty. If your TV/VCR Combo fails to work within three months, we'll repair or replace it with a similar unit at no charge (you pay shipping). Please use the recommended Head Cleaner Tape or HyperBrush Cleaner once a month to prolong your investment (included in Better/Best bundles).
Easy to use for young children, grandchildren - even grandparents. Picture quality is excellent - makes VHS tapes look incredibly good. A wonderful first-time TV for the kids bedroom or playroom. A child's favorite tape can often provide an immediate calming down effect - invaluable to parents of a son or daughter with autism or special needs.
Select from "Good, Better, Best" bundles. GOOD is an older TV with 3-mo warranty. BETTER & BEST are newer with a 1-yr warranty and includes head cleaner(s) and Disney movies. View listing Photos, read Condition Notes for bundle details. Prefer a White or Black TV instead of Silver? Search Amazon for "tv vcr bundle"
Restored 13-Inch TV/VCR Combo with VHS Player Built in + Movie Bundle, Plays Vid
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