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13-04-2018 08:31 pm
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds, 1lb; with 10g of Protein & Omegas per Serving
Great tasting Hemp Hearts have a slightly nutty taste, similar to a sunflower seed or pine nut
Simply sprinkle on salad, cereal, granola, oatmeal & yogurt, add to smoothies and recipes or eat straight from the package
Contains more protein and omegas and less carbs than the same serving of Chia or Flax
Hemp Hearts are non-GMO project verified, Vegan, Whole 30, Kosher, Paleo, and made with 100% wind power
Incredibly nutritious, raw, low carb, with 10g easy to digest plant-based protein and 10g omegas per 30g serving
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New! Perfect Keto Chocolate Bar, Almond and Cacao Butter, Keto Snack (12 Count), 3g net of Carbs, No Added Sugar. 10g of Protein, Coconut Oil, and Collagen, with a Touch of Sea Salt and Stevia.
The Perfect Keto chocolate bar: We're serious about this Keto Snack. After a year of developing the formula for a great-tasting, keto-friendly snack with ingredients you can trust, we bring you the perfect keto bar. Unlike traditional energy or protein bars or your typical low carb snacks, Keto Bars combine real food ingredients in a delicious blend that fuel you for work, play, or whatever life throws your way. You can finally have your cake and eat it too.
Healthy & delicious: We found the right balance for the most nutritious keto snack. Each bar contains 19g of high-quality fats to keep you satiated, and only 3g of net carbs formulated to minimize blood sugar impact. By providing 10g of 100% grass-fed collagen protein, you will also promote hair, skin and nail health, even though it tastes like a keto chocolate bar.
Anywhere, anytime, for everyone: Sometimes there's not enough time to prepare a meal and most "on-the-go" low carb snacks provide poor nutrition at a high price. Keto Bars are portable and convenient and great for travel, work, or before the gym.
No additives: Perfect Keto Bars have no fillers, additives or chemicals. Most keto snacks are not allergy friendly, and gluten free snacks are packed full of other high carb ingredients.
High-quality ingredients: Keto Bars contain only high-quality ingredients you can trust. Most companies use low-quality binders like sugar syrups, dates, honey or corn fiber. We're proud to use soluble tapioca fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar, promote heart health, and aid in proper digestion. Every ingredient pulls its weight making this the perfect keto snack.
New! Perfect Keto Chocolate Bar, Almond and Cacao Butter, Keto Snack (12 Count),
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Purple Aroma2Go Hemp Bag Essential Oil Travel Carrying Case protects and holds 5 Roll-On or 5ml Bottles of your favorite aromatherapy scents – Compact storage holder purse with protective hard shell
CONVENIENT - Keep your favorite scents and oils always handy with this essential oil hemp bag. Take it anywhere you like: the office, car. Perfect for traveling, visiting friends or staying in a hotel. Our bag is great anywhere, anytime, always.
ORGANIZED - This bag stores your essential oils and allows you to organize and easily find your favorite scents at home or on the go. It can store up to five small 5 ml bottles of your favorite scents. Also fits lipsticks and other essentials for the modern woman. Comes in four different colors and it is made from eco-friendly fabric that looks and feels great.
COMPACT & SAFE - This hemp bag has an internal hard shell that makes it safe to carry your favorite glass bottles of aromatherapy oils. It is small enough to fit in a purse while keeping your oil bottles safe so you don't have to worry about broken bottles or spilled oil ruining your bag, purse or other items.
PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Giving is always a good thing, and aromatherapy products make great presents for birthdays, anniversaries, showers or just because... Perfect gift for your friend or family member who loves yoga, relaxation routines or aroma therapy as much as you do. Perfect Christmas gift for your yoga instructor, massage therapist, teacher or anyone you want to show appreciation or say thank you.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We love our customers more than anything else and we also believe in our product, so should you not be happy with your purchase feel free to contact us so we can arrange a replacement or give you a refund on your purchase.
Purple Aroma2Go Hemp Bag Essential Oil Travel Carrying Case protects and holds 5
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