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21-02-2018 08:30 pm
Oil Pencils
Great for Prints, Film, Negatives and other surfaces
The pencils are acid free, photo safe and archival quality
DIGITNOW Photo scanner 35mm/135slides&Negatives Film Scanner Photo, Name Card, Slides and Negatives to Digital Converter for Saving Films to Digital Files in 4GB SD card(Included) with Photo Editing
Smart Converter: Scan Your Photos, Postcard, Slides, and Negatives to the scanner (32M memory insided) or SD card(Included-4G). no computer needed. Digital JPJ Pictures in Fast and High quality 10 Megapixel Scanning Instant Capturing Technology Digitizes High resolution JPEG Files Within Seconds
Convenient Editing: Ocr Cd(only for win): Includes Easy Image Transfer and Editing Software, Color Screen for Viewing Your Pictures
Faster Speed:touch Operation Takes Just 1 to 2 Seconds, Standalone Operation, No Computer Necessary. No Warm up, Calibration or Scan Head Pass Needed, Scans 35mm and 135mm Negative/Slide and Scans Photo of Size 3 1/2x5 inches, 4x6 inches and 5x7 inches, 2.4 inch Color Screen, Mac and PC Compatible and No PC Need for Operation
USB Transfer: The Photos Are Saved onto Any Sd Memory Card. After Scanning Your Photos, Simply Plug the Scanner into Any USB Port on Your PC or Mac and Put the Scanner in "USB Transfer" Mode to Transfer the Digitized Photos to Your Computer
Easy to Use: This Photo 2 Digital Scanner Is Designed for the Average Person, so You Don't Have to Be a Computer Genius to Use It. Unlike a Conventional Scanner, the Photo2digital Works Without a Computer, Which Means It Doesn't Require Any Confusing Drivers. Plus, You Can Just Turn It on and Instantly Start Using It Anywhere,the manual including English ,Germany,French ,Italy and Spanish
Amazon Kryllic  
Lipstick Organizer storage Display Stand - Multi Level 24 Deep Slot Clear Makeup Holder Fits all Beauty Items Gloss Nail Polish Brushes Made Thick & Strong With Premium Quality Acrylic
ORGANIZE YOUR VANITY STASH: Tired of struggling to keep all your makeup stuff from turning into a disastrous jumble inside your bathroom drawers? Do you want to keep your makeup collection neatly organized and easily accessible, while looking good at the same time? Then look no more! Super convenient, uniquely stylish and space-saving, this makeup organizer is a must-have for your vanity collection!
KEEP IT ALL IN ONE PLACE: No more looking everywhere for your lipsticks and brushes! Now you can finally keep it all in one place and at arm's length with this premium cosmetic stand holder. Store everything from eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascaras, lipsticks and lip balms to nail polish, files, brushes and scissors and keep it all ready for use at any time! 9" x 3.6" x 2"
ENOUGH SLOTS FOR EVERYTHING YOU OWN: Boasting a thoughtful design with 3 rows of slots in different heights, this acrylic organizer will fit pretty much everything you own! The sturdy, stable construction will make sure to prevent your items from toppling over and help you go through your daily makeup routine in less time!
DISPLAY YOUR MAKEUP IN STYLE: Are you envious of those striking nail polish organizers you see in luxury beauty salons? Why not have one at home and display your colorful, vibrant nail polish with unbeatable class? Place this professional-looking clear acrylic organizer on your bathroom or bedroom counter and elevate any room's décor in just seconds!
MAKE AN AWESOME GIFT: Impress your friends and loved ones with an excellent quality, extra durable cosmetic storage case made from premium acrylic that will last for years to come. Plus, it's multipurpose design makes it a great solution for organizing your office desktop, household tools and even kid's coloring markers! Still reading? Grab yours now!
BELIANTO Felt Handbag Tote Purse Organizer Insert with Middle Insert, Bottle Holders, Key finder, D rings (Herringbone Pattern) (Large, Dark Brown)
BEST VALUE: You are getting one (1) organizer, one (1) 3-pocket middle insert, two (2) bottle holders, and one (1) key finder strap. And unlike other brands, our detachable middle insert is included with all organizer sizes (not just medium size organizers). Make sure you check out other features below to see how we stand out from other brands.
SOLID BOTTOMS FOR MIDDLE INSERT AND TWO (2) BOTTLE HOLDERS: Your items will no longer slide out from the bottom of the middle insert! Find your items exactly where you placed them. In addition to the solid bottoms for the inserts, the bottoms of our inner pockets are hemmed in (no holes) as well.
KEY FINDER: One (1) keychain strap with stainless steel swivel clip for easy retrieval of keys. Long keychain strap allows you to open doors without unclipping your keys from the organizer.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Multiple elastic bands for organizing pens, pencils, and makeup. Two (2) slit handles for easy transfer of organizer from one bag to another. Two (2) D-rings on either side of the organizer.
POCKETS / MEASUREMENTS: Large (15 pockets total-including one 3-pocket middle insert) - 11.75" (L) x 6.25" (W) x 6.75" (H). Please review our size measurement guide prior to ordering. You can also contact us directly and we will gladly help you find the right size for your needs.
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