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11-05-2018 11:31 am
Medical Ion Mini | High Density Negative Ion Generator | Ionizer | Good sleep | Made in Japan | Color: Black| MI-1000-S-EN-BLACK (Black)
The patented technology, "Air Ionization Electron Emission Method" generates a massive amount of negative ions while maximizing efficiency. This ensures that your room is filled with negative ions. We guarantee the superior performance. There is no reason not to choose it!
Negative ions need to reach you. Some products on the market generate negative ions but no ion molecule can be detected at a distance of 3.2ft away and/or ions can travel in one direction only.
The Medical Ion Mini generates a massive amount of negative ions and covers a wide area for the best efficacy.
Amazing negative ion generation capability - 5,000 (pcs/cc) of negative ions at a distance of 9.8ft. Excellent negative ion distribution capability, 2,000(pcs/cc) at 6.5ft in 90-degree direction.
The tripod helps better negative ion distribution. 1) You can manually adjust the ion emission angle. 2) It keeps a distance from the desk/table.
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Tenergy Renair Air Purifier, True HEPA Filter, Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner, Odor Allergies Eliminator, Home Air Purifier for Smokers, Dust, Mold, Germ, Guardian Touch Control with Night Light
LEADING PERFORMANCE - Clean your indoor air with the Renair true HEPA air purifier ideal for rooms up to 210sqft like bedrooms, living rooms, and offices . This high efficiency 82CFM CADR ensures your air stays free from wildfire smoke, pollution, odor, and germs.
99.97% AIR FILTRATION - A great air purifier for pets and allergies due to the unique 4-step filtration process. The fine preliminary pre-filter traps large objects like pet hair, true HEPA filter captures finer particles from .3 microns or larger, activated carbon absorbs even finer particles, and a cathelicidin-coated layer kills common airborne bacteria.
NATURAL IONIZER - Make your air as clean as beaches, waterfalls, and forests with this natural allergen air purifier. The high power negative ion generator produces 6 million negative ions per second and with no harmful ozone. Negative ions pulls dust particles and pet dander to the ground making your air cleaner.
IDEAL SLEEP COMPANION - This quiet air purifier for rooms can operate at a low 28 decibels and features a built in night mode. Leave your Renair on at night and sleep with tranquility and peace; choose between the soothing blue night light or the automatic rotation of 7 colors.
MAINTENANCE FREE, FREINDLY SUPPORT- Portable air purifier, easily swap and replace filter every 6-8 months. Get 2 years warranty and lifetime support by registering your ETL listed safe, FCC approved, and CARB certified air purifier.
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MRSK Plant Air Purifier Remove Air Pollutant & Allergen Smoke, Dust, Pollen, PM2.5 for Asthma Allergies Smokers Pets Air Cleaner Desktop Ionizer for Home Office Room Gift for Women, Men, Friends
<b> HIGH DENSITY OF NEGATIVE IONS <b>- This Air Ionizer can produce 8,000,000 pcs/cm3 negative ions into the air where most Nature Forest and Waterfall negative ion concentration is about 50,000 pcs/cm3 according to the source published by KOREA Far Infrared Association KIFA. This air purifier is simple & hassle free with only one operation button, purification range up to 108 sq ft.
<b>HOW IT WORKS? <b>- When oxygen in the air is charged by the ionizer, negative ions are generated. Negative ions bind with the airborne pollutant such as positively charged smoke, dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, PM 2.5 and charge neutralization occurs. The air pollutant was removed, killed & absorbed by the negative ions and subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled into human's lung.
<b>BENEFITS OF NEGATIVE IONS TO HUMAN'S HEALTH <b>- Negative ions, which exist in waterfalls, forests, seashores in high concentration, has many positive effects on human's physical & mental health. Breathing in negative ions have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension.
<b>EVERGREEN STYLISH ROOM DECOR<b> - This is not only an air purifier, but also a lovely plant made of evergreen artificial grass to bring some greenery to your space such as office, bedroom, living room and more. This lovely plant air purifier is also suitable for birthday gift to loved ones, family & friends
<b>MAINTENANCE & WARRANTY<b> - Plug & Play, It's maintenance-free!1 year manufacturer warranty. 30 days return policy. CE, RoHS, FCC Compliant
TZUAIRGO Air Purifier LED Light Bulb(E27)- Negative Oxygen Ions Remove Odors Smoke and Dust, Used for Table Lamp Wall Lamp, Quiet Mini Air Purifier Ionizer for Small Room up to 107 Sq ft
✔LED Bulb(Warm White)& Air Purifier for small room, Effective Removal Tobacco Smoke & Odor, Airborne Bacteria, Allergens, Pollen, Harmful Dust, Pet Odors, neutralizes air dust and improves air quality in your room,can be used for Restaurant/Living Room/Bar KTV/Office/Toilet chandeliers, is a fun gift for the stuffy-nosed people in your life.Many people feel the incredible bulb in the toilet and smoking place.
✔ Air ionizer capable of emitting up to 3 million negative ions per second more than salt lamp. thoroughly purify your air, can effectively remove particles below 0.01 microns. Comparing with the top HEPA filters also has little effect on particles below 0.3 microns. At the same time,No filters to buy, without any costly aintenance or any cleaning required
✔Negative ions helps neutralize airborne bacteria, pet dander, mold & fungi,and also help people feel more energized, improve sleep, relieve fatigue, improve lung function and they help clean the air throughout the room. Does not produce any chemical odor, 100% does not contain ozone, and does not require a filter. Gravity will make the attached particle fall out of the air, usually on the ground. Then the next time the floor is swept or vacuumed they get removed.
✔Energy-saving and environmental protection, 120V AC voltage, 3W, comparable to 30W incandescent lamp and other expensive Negative Ion Generator, enjoying health while saving your funds, can work long hours to ensure safety. No Noise brings you the most mute experience
✔1 year warranty - Using advanced fireproof ABS material, No breakable parts, LED light bulbs have passed FCC CE's strict safety standard certification. Outstanding energy efficiency and long-lasting performance.
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Craftronic 2.0 Ionic Car Air Purifier - with Dual USB Chargers to Quickly Remove Allergens & Cigarette Smoke, Pollen, Pets, Mold & Bacteria - Anti-Microbial Deodorizer Air Freshener (Gold)
✅ ION PURIFYING - Craftronic NanoActive Air Purifier replicate nature's own cleaning process by releasing 5.6 million Pcs/cm3 of negative ion. Effectively captures 99.7% of common airborne fine particles (PM 2.5) pollutants such as harmful bacterial, virus, smoke, dust mites, odor and gases (VOCs). These ions refresh the air without any harmful chemicals or perfumes
✅ PROVEN TECHNOLOGY - First adopted in automotive by Mercedes-Benz with the Air Balance systems in S-Class models. Then by Lexus GS series S-flow air conditioning with Panasonic Nanoe purifying technology
✅ 7-DAYS HEALTH BENEFITS - Negative ions actively combat and neutralize airborne pollutants, not only by inhibit viruses, disease and allergies but also restore skin hydration by locking in moisture and increase mental clarity. Feel your general health improve in only 7 days
✅ INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING - Enabled by advanced ionization and high quality materials such as ABS plastics and aluminum alloy for low noise level and maximum durability. Same ionic technology used in Sharp Plasmacluster refrigerator to maintain food freshness and hotels and restaurants to remove smoke odors
✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident that you'll love the product! if you are not 100% satisfied or just somehow damaged the product. Please email us within 30 days for a full REFUND or REPLACEMENT with NO RETURN REQUIRED simply e-mail us at
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Mododo HEPA Filter Air Purifier for Allergy Sufferers With Gesture Sensing Control,Perfect for Car Desktop Office Home(Silver)
✔3 FILTRATION STAGES : Ideal for people who suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness,cough,sneezing,asthma,etc;Primary Filter + HEPA Filter + Activated Carbon reduce 99.9% of Allergens,Dust,Pollen,Smoke,Odors,Pet Dander,Formaldehyde,Mold spores and TVOC
✔Negative Ion Generators: Ozone-free.Allows to sterilizate and clean air continously, efficiently remove and isolate dust and common household allergens from the air
✔GESTURE SENSING,DIGITAL DISPLAY and Aluminium Alloy Body?Hand Gesture for powering on/off and setting 2 speed (Low and High).very nice futuristic aesthetic with the blue LED effect.Real time display Air quality, Temperature, Humidity on the screen.Unlike other air purifier with plastic shell,the Aluminium alloy shell make it look high-grade and perfect for gift
✔PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Perfect fit in car cupholder,freshing "New car" smell and other irritant odors,every 10 minutes would filter all the air in the car.The compact size(2.6*2.6*7.1 inch) make it perfect for any small area such as Desktop,Kitchens,Pet Room. ATTENTION: It's not a good choice if you want to cover a big area!!
✔PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE: This product comes with a 2 years warranty and lifetime support from LeadYoung. The Air Purifier Filter needs to be replaced every 3 months and is available to purchase from our store with very low price 12.9
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Desk Air Purifier, 3-In-1 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner with ION and Nightlight, Odor Allergies Eliminator for Smokers, Smoke, Dust, Mold, and Pets Dander for Home Bedroom
【3-IN-1 Premium Filter】 Consist of preliminary fine filter + HEPA filter + activated Carbon Filter. Removing 99.97% including household dust, pet dander, pollens, mold spores, smoke, PM2.5, filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger. The activated carbon granules layer can absorb various harmful substances, including formaldehyde, toluene and others odor.
【2 Fan Speeds & ION Option】 Features 3 smart touch buttons, Air Purifier offers 2 speed levels for different conditions: low speed (blue light on) and high speed (white light on). It has one more option for ION, when you turn it on, the air purifier produces an appropriate amount of negative ions, which can enhance human immunity, improve myocardial and lung function.
【Stronger Air Purification】 Come with 100-240V plug, not need to purchase adapter extraly, and in general, USB's don't have much power to operate much of anything. Unlike other brands air cleaners, the air purifier features in 3 side air intake system, so it physically offers faster frequent air circulation and stronger air purification.
【Quiet Perfomance】 Working in a super low noise level as less as 23dB, Air Purifier gives you peace of mind while it operates throughout the night or during work. Ideal home air cleaner for bedroom, office, hotel room, pet room, etc (perfect for 130sq ft).
【Gurantee & Warranty】 Acare Desk Air Purifier are manufactured under very strict quality standards to try to bring you best experience. You also get 2 year warranty for this ION air purifier. Just add to your cart now!
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Airthereal Ozone Generator Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter, CA300 Home Air Ionizer Digital Remote Control Ozone Machine with Anion, UV Light and Timer
OZONE GENERATOR AIR PURIFIER: Digital remote control ozone machine with 300mg/h ozone output deodorizes and sterilizes your space from odors, bacteria and viruses. Use ozone machine twice a week, keep an ethereal ambiance.
4 STAGE FILTRATION SYSTEM: Pre-filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter and TiO2 Photo-catalytic Filter. It removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander; filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM 2.5.
ANION FUNCTION: Recreates the natural balance of +/- ions(negative-ion reduction), to reduce air borne particulate, keep down dust.Similar to rainstorm, waves, waterfalls, forest steppe, and other natural phenomena, ionization improves ambiance while targeting dust, mold spores,tobacco odors and similar pollutants. With fewer irritants in the air, keep a fresher, cleaner, safer breathing in your room.
UV LIGHT STERILIZER: UV light sterilization is an environmentally friendly method of killing bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals and does not produce corrosive materials or disinfection by-products.
WARRANTY & MAINTENANCE: USA 110V only model. We provide 3 years warranty. For any questions or unsatisfactory, please contact us immediately. We will address your issue as soon as we can.
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AwesomeWare Air Purifier with Triple True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Filtration for Allergies, Pets, Smokers, Captures Odors, Dust, Mold, Dust, Germs, Desktop Air Cleaning System with Ionizer KJ50G-D4
【Triple Filteration】☀ Assembled with Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter inside. True HEPA Filter effectively reduces 99.97% of dust and daily allergy factors such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet hair, PM2.5, pet dander, etc. Activated Carbon Filter helps get rid of common odors from smoking, pets and cooking. A great companion at home and office for pets, allergies or smokers.
【Quiet Air Cleaner】☀ With 360°intake from all directions design, the cylindrical air channel circulates the air faster while making less noise, running quietly through the night with lower energy consumption.
【Ultra High Efficiency】☀ 2 Adjustable speed settings provide options for meeting your needs. High-efficiency fan consumes power as low as 3 watts, lower than an energy-saving bulb. A low-energy, efficient HEPA air purifier can bring you more comfort.
【Unique & Fashionable Shape】☀ Simple design and fashion appearance make HEPA air purifier perfect for family and office. It is also a good gift to friends and relatives and colleagues.
【Air Purifier with Ionizer】 ☀ The negative oxygen ion generator releases millions of negative ions to eliminate odors, no ozone or other harmful substances are produced. The air purifier effectively kills most bacteria and a small number of viruses, effectively removing smoke and other odors.
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MODAR 2 in 1 Car Air Purifier with Dual USB Car Charger Best Automobile Deodorizer Freshener Durable Ionizer - Removes Cigarette Smoke Dust Pollen Food Odors & Pet Smell
2 IN-1 AIR PURIFIER & DUAL USB DEVICE CHARGER : Why get an Ionic Car Air Freshener and a Smartphone Charger separately when you can get both fused into one product! Rapidly charge your smartphone, tablet or any similar smart device with our DUAL USB Ports
Perfect Gift for Family;The revolutionary Negative Ion Technology allows this air purifier to release negative ions which tend to bind with dust, pollen, smoke and other microscopic particles, dropping them from the air and preventing them from making it to your nose!
POWERFUL ODOR ELIMINATOR: Breath fresh air in the middle of traffic! Automatically releases 5.6 million negative ions inside your vehicle that draw out odors providing clean purified air. Plugs directly into a 12V power outlet in any Car, Truck, SUV The Elegant Plastics Ionic Car Ionizer utilizes safe Ozone Technology to quickly remove persistent odors, allergy triggers, harmful bacteria and second-hand smoke by releasing low levels of ozone; a must-have accessory for the frequent commuter.
EASY TO USE! SMALL & PORTABLE - Easily plug the car freshener cigarette smoke eliminator into the 12V cigarette lighter or power port outlet just like your regular USB phone charger. Pocket and travel size air purifier! Perfect gift for business executives, travelers, car enthusiasts, allergy sufferers! Keep your vehicle from smelling like a locker room or take-out food.
100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK If any quality problems
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AirTamer A310 |Personal Rechargeable and Portable Air Purifier | Negative Ion Generator | Purifies Air Eliminating Germs, Dust, Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Mold, Odors, and More | Black
BREATHE CLEANER SAFER AIR: The AirTamer A310 is the leading personal air purifier on the market using cutting-edge technology to emit negative ions and push pollutants away from your breathing zone; The AirTamer Electrostatic Purification radiates a 3-foot orbit of safer air in any direction, creating a sphere of protection against harmful pollutants
GOODBYE FILTERS: Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing filters; The AirTamer A310 uses the latest technology in air purification; Using electrostatic purification, the A310 emits millions of negative ions into the air forcing dangerous pollutants, allergens, pet dander or odors out of your sphere of clean breathable air
MY BATTERY DIED - OH WAIT IT'S RECHARGEABLE: Replacing Batteries becomes a thing of the past, with the AirTamer A310; This portable personal purifier operates for 150+ hours on one single charge ensuring your protection against airborne pollutants such as bacteria and viruses; The perfect accessory to protect you during flu season
TAKE IT ON THE GO: The AirTamer A310 is the perfect travel accessory for those who love to explore without exposure to unsanitary air; Our A310 model includes a proprietary conductive lanyard which is adjustable and features a break-away connector for extra safety; Wear it around your neck and have a sphere of breathable clean air anywhere you go
SPECIFICATIONS: Power Boost Technology provides 9 times more cleaning power; Breathe 875% cleaner air, the AirTamer A310 is certified to filter more pollutants than any of its closest competitors; Silent operation, no noisy fans or motors; No filters to change; USB charging cable, lanyard, and travel case are included
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SUMGOTT Air Purifier Home Air Cleaner with True HEPA Air Filter, Captures Allergens, Smoke, Odors, Mold, Dust, Germs, Pets, Smokers
❤【Air Purifier HEPA】Three filter stages (HEPA filter, cold catalyst filter, negative Ion). It eliminates 99.99% dust over 0.1 microns, effectively degrade formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia and other poisonous gases. True HEPA Air Purifier is safe, harmless and does not emit UV or ions which can be harmful air pollutants. Perfect gift for father, mother, office mates and friends.(Note: 2-pin Connector Available)
❤【Air Ionzier Purifier】It produces a concentration of 6 million negative oxygen ions. Negative ion is able to neutralize and precipitate positive dust, harmful microorganism and poisonous gas, which helps effectively purify the air. Especially for the rampant PM2.5, the elimination rate achieves higher than 99%. Ideal for pet owners, babies, elderly, or anyone suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness, cough, sneezing, asthma, etc and need to improve air quality.
❤【Dual Functions】This air cleaner has a touch-type design, activated by pressing the top button on and off with a finger (switch between low and high performance with the touch of a finger to adjust speed). you can switch freely between ordinary purification and rapid purification, and the light flashes when you operate.
❤【Fragrance Box】An fragrance box is designed on the bottom, various of aromatic beads, dry flowers and other natural perfumes can be put into this box, then the fragrance enters into the room through internal blower absorption, to enable the user a healthy and fascinating room.
❤【Portable and Compact】Its unique size (275 x 150 x 155mm) and dual fan design make it perfect for 30㎡-60㎡ home. Perfect solution for small areas and rooms such as studio, bedroom, office desktop, kitchen and pet room. This purifier has 2 fans, wind can enter from both sides, and out from the top. Low working noise. The air circulates faster thanks to its vertical dimensional a
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Premium Car Air Purifier Ionizer w/ Dual USB Ports & Free Dual USB Cable | Removes Smoke, Bad Odors, Dust, Pollen, Bacteria & Allergens | Anti-Microbial Deodorizer Air Freshener w/ Device Chargers
✅ POWERFUL ODOR ELIMINATOR: Breath fresh air in the middle of traffic! The Elegant Plastics Ionic Car Purifier utilizes safe Ozone Technology to quickly remove persistent odors, allergy triggers, harmful bacteria and second-hand smoke by releasing low levels of ozone; a must-have accessory for the frequent commuter.
✅ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: The revolutionary Negative Ion Technology allows this air ionizer to release negative ions which tend to bind with dust, pollen, smoke and other microscopic particles, dropping them from the air and preventing them from making it to your nose!
✅ 2-IN-1 AIR PURIFIER & DUAL USB DEVICE CHARGER AT THE SAME TIME: Why get an Ionic Car Air Freshener and a Smartphone Charger separately when you can get both fused into one product! Rapidly charge your smartphone, tablet or any similar smart device with our DUAL USB Ports and ❤️ FREE USB Cable for iPhone and Samsung! ❤️
✅ UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VEHICLES: All you need to do is insert the Ionic Air Purifier into the 12 volt cigarette lighter of your car and you're all set! The purifier will emit a calming blue glow, promoting better mood and driving conditions.
✅ 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Give our 2-in-1 Ionic Purifier and Device Charger a try and if you are not completely thrilled with your purchase, simply get in touch with us and we'll make it right. After all, your premium Vehicle Air Purifier is covered under our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!
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Chennly Mini Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter Pro Ionizer Odor Allergies Eliminator Smokers, Compact Quiet Design for Rooms and Offices, Removing Allergens, Smoke, Pets, Mold, Germs, Dust (White)
★SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - With just 1.8W of ultra-low energy consumption and no costly filters to replace, the purifier is a bargain for you and the environment. Size: 13"(H) x 4.1"(W) x 4.1"(D)
★TRIPLE FILTERATION: Ture HEPA air purifier for small room and office works well for pets, allergies or smokers. Assembled with Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Filter inside, True HEPA Filter effectively reduces 99.97% of dust and daily allergy factors such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet hair, PM2.5, pet dander, etc. Activated Carbon Filter helps get rid of common odors from smoking, pets and cooking.
★AIR PURIFIER WITH IONIZER: The negative oxygen ion generator releases millions of negative ions to eliminate odors, no ozone or other harmful substances are produced. The air purifier effectively kills most bacteria and a small number of viruses, effectively removing smoke and other odors.
★SIMPLE TO USE & PORTABLE: Using this air purifier couldn't be easier as one-button operation turns it on/off and controls the fan speed. The stylish and compact design mean it looks great anywhere and fits almost any place. The low power consumption and low noise make it affordable to run and quiet.
★WARRANTY & SERVICE: Our 12-month warranty and exceptional customer service is supplied with all of our products. If you encounter any problems or have any questions, be sure to get in touch with us for a reply within 24 hours.
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Shackcom Air Purifier for Car with USB Chargers- Air Freshener Eliminate Bacteria, Virus, Smoke and Bad Odors Remover, Car Gift, Air Cleaner for Auto and RV
【Two kernel anion manufacturing technology】 - The car air purifier can rise the productivity of anion by 70%, more than 6 million high-quality negative oxygen ion to help prompt fresh and clean inner car air. It can effectively remove smell bacteria, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other peculiar smell gas
【Portable 2 Bidirectional USB Ports】 - Available for forward or reverse insert. Double USB charging interface can provide 2.1A. Easy charging for cell phone, tablet, GPS,or other electronic devices. It is also act as power supplier
【Rotatable and Convenient Accessories】 - The cigar-lighter of air purifier can rotate 360 degrees, and the axial or angle can be adjusted at 90 degrees to adapt to the different models.It can transport ions to a wider space.
【Fashion Night Light】 - The light shows red when it power on, the light shows blue when the purifying function open. Fashionable color-changing aperture. Piano lacquer coating film. The surface of the body is treated with double layer UV coating film, lastingly shiny. Compact and attractive design enhances auto decorating
【Shackcom Brand Warranty】- 6 Month Warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. (To contact us, please click on "Future Day" next to "Sold by", then click on "Ask a question", we will reach out to you within 24 hours.)
Amazon Fhgkjy  
Max Premium Car Air Purifier Plus BONUS Car Air Freshener + eBOOK by Air purifier for smokers - Odor Eliminator - Cigarette, Pet Smell & Removes Bacteria | Ideal for Your Car, Truck & RV
★FUNCTION: IMPROVES AIR QUALITY AND REMOVES SMOKE WITHIN A MATTER OF SECONDS - The Pure-Air ionizer will begin to remove cigarette smoke from inside a vehicle within seconds, removing smoke and this air purifier also removes foul odors left behind by pets, perspiration, food, exhaust, benzene and formaldehyde at the same time removing pollen, air pollution, dust and more.
★ PURPOSE: Pure-Air Car-Ionizer uses an electrical charge to make a flow of negative ions which then removes minuscule particles from the atmosphere, enhancing the air quality in your car. An ion is basically a particle that is charged, either negatively or positively. The ionizer creates negative ions which seek out positively charged particles, such as dust, dander, microbes, pollen, germs, smoke, bacteria, and other allergens.
★ FASHIONABLE LOOK - Just because the Pure-Air Ionizer is functional doesn't mean it can't add to the aesthetics of your interior. The glossy design of this patented car air purifier is stylish and contemporary, alongside with an incredible blue LED indicator light that accompanies all car interiors.
★SPECIFICATIONS: Light indicator on once it is connected. Easy to connect and hassle free. Weight - 38g, Voltage: 12 V/ DC, Negative ions concentration: 4,800,000 PCS/cm3, Ozone concentration: 3 mg/h, keep within temperature of -10C to 45C.
★ QUALITY AND ASSURANCE: FCC, CE and RoHS certified and approved.
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